The Magic of Immersive Fiction: Overflow Workshop

Nicola GriffithNicola Griffith
Sunday, June 1

Immersive fiction sweeps you off your feet and puts you right there, right then, living and breathing with the characters. With writing exercises, discussion, and handouts we’ll learn how to create the excitement, sensory detail, and clarity that brings a whole world and its people alive.

This is an overflow session. If you are registered to attend the April 13 session of this workshop, please do not register for this session.

Nicola Griffith is an English novelist, editor, and essayist living in Seattle. Her six novels, three anthologies, and multi-media memoir have won the Tiptree, Nebula, World Fantasy, and six Lambda Literary awards. She has taught writing at all levels, including at Clarion West in 1997. Her most recent novel, Hild, is set in seventh-century Britain. She drinks just the right amount of beer and takes enormous delight in everything.

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