For publications we announced previous to June 2020, please see our Alumni News Archive.

June 2020

Lauren Dixon (CW ’10)

Welcome to the Bitch Bubble

from Hydra House

Sonia Orin Lyris (CW ’92)

Unmoored, Book One of The Stranger Trilogy


Lawrence Schimel, translator (CW ’91)

Nos Llamaron Enemigo (They Called Us Enemy by George Takei)

from Top Shelf

Andrea Hairston (CW ’99), R. R. Angell (CW ’04), and Craig L. Gidney (CW ’96) have ebooks featured in this year’s Pride bundle, curated by Catherine Lundoff

M. J. (Marilyn) Holt (one of our founders!)

“No Statute of Limitations”

in Low Down Dirty Vote Vol 2

Kathleen Alcalá (CW ’87, instructor for CW ’10)

“The Road to Nyer”

in Latinx Rising from Ohio State University Press

A. T. Greenblatt (CW ’17)

Burn or The Episodic Life of Sam Wells as a Super

in Uncanny

Lora Gray (CW ’16)

Matches, Tower, Sister, Stone

in Flash Fiction Online

Tina Connolly (CW ’06, instructor CW ’20/21)

Skating Without Streetlights

in Us in Flux from ASU Center for Science and the Imagination

Nisi Shawl (CW ’92)

Fourth and Most Important

in Us in Flux from ASU Center for Science and the Imagination

Iori Kusano (CW ’17)

Blades in the Dark” series of tabletop storytelling podcasts

from SpeculateSF

Robert Guffey (CW ’96)

“The Loser”

in Black Cat Mystery Magazine

“Her Wounded Eyes”

in New Reader Magazine

Colleen Anderson (CW ’87)

Accidentally, He Gives Her Dreams

in The Fantasy Files from Engen Books

Twined” in Silver Blade

Cleopatra” in Illumen

Looking Glass” in Illumen

Hacker Hallowe’en” in Polar Borealis