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April 2021

Robert Guffey (CW ’96)

“Bela Lugosi’s Dead” published by Crossroad Press

“Widow of the Amputation & Other Weird Crimes” published by Eraserhead Press

Monte Lin (CW ’19)

“Unnamed,” Cast of Wonders

Stephanie Malia Morris (CW ’17)

“The H Word: Witches, Roots, and Haints,” Nightmare

March 2021

Greg Cox (CW ’84)

Thrilling Adventure Yarns 2021 edited by Robert Greenberger

Turning the Tied edited by Jean Rabe, Robert Greenberger, Jonathan Mabery, and D. J. Stevenson

“Penguin is a Girl’s Best Friend/Penguin Sets a Trend/Penguin’s Disastrous End” in BIFF! BAM! EEE-YOW!: The Subterranean Blue Grotto Guide to Batman ’66–Season Two edited by Jim Beard and Rich Handley

Dennis E. Staples (CW ’18)

This Town Sleeps: A Novel from Counterpoint LLC

Caroline M. Yoachim (CW ‘06)

“Colors of the Immortal Palette,” Uncanny

Evan J. Peterson (CW ’15)

“The Challenge From Beyond” (final section), ed. Cody Goodfellow, for the 2020 H. P. Lovecraft Film Festival & CthulhuCon

February 2021

Colleen (Celdae) Anderson (CW ’87)

  Rabbit Foot,” Heroic Fantasy Quarterly #47 (w/audio) 

  “Hourglass,” Burial Day Books 

  “Red Shoes,” Penumbric Speculative Fiction Vol. IV, #5 

Millennium’s Edge,” Shelter of Daylight

Roots,” in Dark Moments

Sacrifice,” Scifaikuest

untitled (luring),” Scifaikuest

Betsy Aoki (CW ’16)

A Crows of Yakubyō Gami (Pestilence Yōkai)” in Strange Horizons

Justin Key (CW ’15)

The H Word: Horror, Through Colored Lenses” in Nightmare

Spider King” on Serial Box

Evan J. Peterson (CW ’15)

“The Parachute” in Forbidden Futures

January 2021

Colleen (Celdae) Anderson (CW ’87)

What Goldilocks Learned”—American Diversity Report

In Feline Grace”—Illumen Winter 2021

Offering,” Illumen Winter 2021

Greg Beatty (CW ’00)

A New Once Upon a Time” in Little Blue Marble

Derrick Boden (CW ’19)

The Unrepentent” in Escape Pod (workshopped during Clarion West!)

Faulty Worker Process” in Dark Matter Magazine

“Confessions of a Forward Thinker” in Cossmass Infinities

Alyc Helms (CW ’12) and Marie Brennan (CW online instructor) released their new book The Mask of Mirrors under the collective pen name M. A. Carrick.

Justin Key (CW ’15)

Balancing the Equation” in Escape Pod

N-raptured” in Fantasy & Science Fiction (Jan/Feb)

December 2020 

Colleen (Celdae) Anderson (CW ’87)

“masquerade” in OnSpec 115, Vol. 31 No. 1 

 “Pokey Potz” in Come Out to Play” OnSpec 115, Vol. 31 No. 1 

“Mousetrap” in Lycan Valley Press’s Pulp Horror Book of Phobias II

Justin C. Key (CW ’15)

Saving Grace” in Interstellar Flight Magazine

Evan J. Peterson (CW ’15)

Better Living Through Alchemy Chapter 2: “Coagula” from Broken Eye Books

Monte Lin (CW ’19)

Menobezoar” in LampLight

Kristina Ten (CW ’19)

Two Hundred Ways to Disappear” in Witness Magazine

M. L. Krishnan (CW ’19)

My Adolescence in an Attempted Utopia” in Zócalo Public Square

Colleen Anderson (CW ’87)

“Pumpkin’s Watch” in Sage Cigarettes

“Phoenix” in Yellow Arrow Publishing

“The Metallurgist’s Dream” in HWA Poetry Showcase

November 2020 

Vicki Saunders (CW ’09) and Andrew Penn Romine (CW ’10) are both featured in Three Lobed Burning Eye Volume VI. The collection includes Saunders’s “Whale Woman Watches” and Romine’s “No God West of Pearceville.”

Emily C. Skaftun’s (CW ’09) debut collection, Living Forever & Other Terrible Ideas, is now out from Fairwood Press. The collection includes four of Skaftun’s Clarion West stories as well as her application story. Her short story “Bristle” also appears in Bourbon Penn.

Holly Wade Matter (CW ’92)

Damned Pretty Things from Aqueduct Press

Greg Cox (CW ’84)

Star Trek: The Original Series: A Contest of Principles from Simon & Schuster

Chris Willrich (CW ’88)

Eyetooth” in Beneath Ceaseless Skies

Shannon Fay (CW ’14)

Eyespots” and “Familiar Ground” in Daily Science Fiction

Usman T. Malik (CW ’13)

City of Red Midnight: A Hikayat” via

Lora Gray (CW ’16)

Five Candles” a Warhammer horror story from Black Library

Eugenia Triantafyllou (CW ’19)

Cherry Wood Coffin” audio at Pseudopod, reprinted from Apex

Millie Ho (CW ’19)

Scar Literature” in PRISM International

October 2020 

S. Qiouyi Lu (CW ’16) and Gordon B. White (CW ’17) are both featured in The Best Horror of the Year, Vol. 12, ed. Ellen Datlow. The collection includes Lu’s “As Dark As Hunger” and White’s “Birds of Passage.”

Sheree Renee Thomas (CW ’99 ) and Craig Laurance Gidney (CW ’96) are both featured in SLAY: Stories of the Vampire Noire. The collection includes Thomas’s “Love Hangover” and Gidney’s “Desiccant.”

Nibedita Sen (CW ’15)

Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Excellence” in Uncanny Magazine

Lora Gray (CW ’16)

As if My Flesh was Summer Soil” in Uncanny Magazine

Natalia Theodoridou (CW ’18)

To Set at Twilight in a Land of Reeds” in Clarkesworld

Craig Laurance Gidney (CW ’96)

“Spyder Threads” (podcast!) on Come Join Us By The Fire, Season 2 (Tor Nightfire)

On Loving A Haunted City” at

Maura McHugh (CW ’06)

“Thief of Senses” w/ Robin Henley in Misty and Scream! 2020 Special

Laurie Penny (CW ’15)

The Haunting of Bly Manor story editor, Netflix

Derrick Boden (CW ’19)

Factory Girl” in Abyss & Apex

Colleen Anderson (CW ’87)

embalmed” in Chrome Baby

Monster” in Breath and Shadow

“Telltale Moon” in Dreams and Nightmares

Christopher Caldwell (CW ’07)

“Canst Thou Draw Out the Leviathan”

in Best British Fantasy 2019 and Best American Science Fiction and Fantasy

“Didn’t My Lord Deliver Daniel”

in Glitter + Ashes (Neon Hemlock)

Gordon B. White (CW ’17)

In A Universe Where We Draw Children from the Stars

in Legendary Tales

“Ranger Ronin Presents…”

in Video Palace: In Search of the Eyeless Man, ed. Nick Braccia & Michael Monello

September 2020 

The Year’s Best Science Fiction vol. 1: The Saga Anthology of Science Fiction 2020

features a cascade of Clarion West alumni and instructors including Caroline M. Yoachim (CW ’06), Chinelo Onwualu (CW ’14), Indrapramit Das (CW ’12), Tegan Moore (CW ’15), and Rich Larson (CW ’14), edited by 2019 instructor Jonathan Strahan.

Jae Steinbacher (CW ’14)

“A World to Be Ourselves”

in Voyage YA Journal

Justin C. Key (CW ’15)

The Perfection of Teresa Watkins


Filip Hajdar Drnovšek Zorko (CW ’19)

The Anatomy of Miracles

in Escape Pod

Derrick Boden (CW ’19)

The Patron

in Beneath Ceaseless Skies

Monte Lin (CW ’19)

“Heartsob Playplayplay Promisegift”

in Cosmass Infinities

Book review, How Much of These Hills Is Gold by C. Pam Zhang

in Strange Horizons

Evan J. Peterson (CW ’15)

microessay included in “How has COVID Influenced the Way Authors Tell Stories?

in Sci Fi Pulse

Colleen Anderson (CW ’87)

“Elegy from the Lost Colonies” in Time We Left, ed. Terry Grimwood

Cautionary Steps” in Black Hare Press

Clothed in Splendor” in Fabled Journal

Greg Beatty (CW ’00)

Bones and Bots

on Medium

August 2020

Georgina Kamsika (CW ’12)

Goddess of the North 

from REUTS Publications

Maria Romasco Moore (CW ’11)

Some Kind of Animal (first novel!)

from Underlined

Sheree Renée Thomas (CW ’99)

“The Glassdreaming Tree”

in The Big Book of Modern Fantasy (1945-2010)

Curator, Red Spring: Curating the End of the World

hosted on Google Culture

Evan J. Peterson (CW ’15)

The Husband Suit

on Tales To Terrify podcast

“Drinking Rituals of the Apollonian Dionysians”

in The Book of Three Gates

Cynthia Ward (CW ’92)

“Whoever Fights Monsters” in Nine to Eternity: A Science Fiction Anthology, ed. M. Christian

“Dreams of Salt” in Skelos: The Journal of Weird Fiction and Dark Fantasy

“Switch and Bait” in Black Cat Mystery Magazine

Colleen Anderson (CW ’87)

“Divinity in the Afterglow” in Space and Time

“Untitled  (pawn shops” in StarLine

“Tree of Life” and “Spirit Bound” in Literary Hatchet

and more recent poems published in Transition Magazine, Frozen Wavelets, Eternal Haunted Summer Solstice, Third Estate Art Quaranzine, and The Life of Beasts and Trees

Greg Beatty (CW ’00)

“For Auden, Regarding Leda” in Eye to the Telescope: The Sex Issue

“I Guess They Don’t” in The Pages from Semi-Sages

The Man Not Traveling Through Time” on Medium

Make the Monster Bigger,” essay on Joanna Russ on Medium

July 2020

Elly Bangs (CW ’17)

The Liberation of Ghost City

in Fireside Magazine

Dora Klindžić (CW ’18)

Bury Me Standing

in Fireside Magazine

Andy Duncan (CW ’94)

“The All Go Hungry Hash House”

in Galactic Stew, ed. David Coe and Joshua Palmatier

Derrick Boden (CW ’19)

“The Silence That Consumes Us”

in Galactic Stew, ed. David Coe and Joshua Palmatier

Marilyn Holt (CW co-founder)

Benito Guzman Carried A Gun


Mitchell Shanklin (CW ’16)

It Only Takes a Few Months for a Poet to Position Its Jaws

in Daily Science Fiction

M. L. Krishnan (CW ’19)

The Eggshell Sanctuary” (CW week 2 story!)

in Quarterly West

Genevieve Williams (CW ’02)

“The Sea of Stars”

in Retellings of the Inland Seas from Candlemark and Gleam

“Ghosts, Grimoires, and Dealing with Demons: Hellblazer‘s Real-World Magic”

essay in Hellblazer, From Bayou to Abyss at Sequart

Stephanie Burgis (CW ’01)

“Love, Your Flatmate”

in Consolation Songs: Optimistic Speculative Fiction For A Time of Coronavirus, ed. Iona Datt Sharma

Natalia Theodoridou (CW ’18)

“The Shape of Gifts”

in Fantasy and Science Fiction

“What It Sounds Like When You Fall”

in The Best of British Fantasy 2019, ed. Jared Shurin

Maura McHugh (CW ’06)

“Wake the Dead”

in The Best of British Fantasy 2019, ed. Jared Shurin

Millie Ho (CW ’19)

Beasts of New France

in Strange Horizons

Kristina Ten (CW ’19)

Baba Yaga and the Seven Hills” in Lightspeed

“Call It My Signature Kill” in Okay Donkey

“Keep Tabs on You” in Cease, Cows

“Meat Eaters” in Fictive Dream

Caroline M. Yoachim (CW ’06)

“Shadow Prisons”, a novelette in three parts, appearing in The Dystopia Triptych (eds. John Joseph Adams, Hugh Howey, and Christie Yant):

Shadow Prisons: Part 1, “The Shadow Prison Experiment” is in
Ignorance is Strength (The Dystopia Triptych Book 1)

Shadow Prisons: Part 2, “Shadow Prisons of the Mind” is in
Burn the Ashes (The Dystopia Triptych Book 2)

and Shadow Prisons: Part 3, “The Shadow Prisoner’s Dilemma” is in
Or Else the Light (The Dystopia Triptych Book 3)

Cynthia Ward (CW ’92)

“Ice and Fire: Two Vampire Stories”

Ebooks: PDF     Mobi     Epub

Colleen Anderson (CW ’87)

New Angles” at Engen Books

and new poems in Transition Magazine, Frozen Wavelets, Eternal Haunted Summer Solstice, Third Estate Art Quaranzine, and The Life of Beasts and Trees

Izzy Wasserstein (CW ’17)

“Five Reasons for the Sign Above Her Door, One of Them Unspoken” in Abyss & Apex

“Seven Plans of the League Of Villainous Empowerment to Break Atomic Patriot’s Hold on Star City” in DecodedPride

“For Change is the Moon’s Domain, and Tonight She Watches” in Fireside Magazine

June 2020

Lauren Dixon (CW ’10)

Welcome to the Bitch Bubble

from Hydra House

Sonia Orin Lyris (CW ’92)

Unmoored, Book One of The Stranger Trilogy


Lawrence Schimel, translator (CW ’91)

Nos Llamaron Enemigo (They Called Us Enemy by George Takei)

from Top Shelf

Andrea Hairston (CW ’99), R. R. Angell (CW ’04), and Craig L. Gidney (CW ’96) have ebooks featured in this year’s Pride bundle, curated by Catherine Lundoff

M. J. (Marilyn) Holt (one of our founders!)

“No Statute of Limitations”

in Low Down Dirty Vote Vol 2

Kathleen Alcalá (CW ’87, instructor for CW ’10)

“The Road to Nyer”

in Latinx Rising from Ohio State University Press

A. T. Greenblatt (CW ’17)

Burn or The Episodic Life of Sam Wells as a Super

in Uncanny

Lora Gray (CW ’16)

Matches, Tower, Sister, Stone

in Flash Fiction Online

Tina Connolly (CW ’06, instructor CW ’20/21)

Skating Without Streetlights

in Us in Flux from ASU Center for Science and the Imagination

Nisi Shawl (CW ’92)

Fourth and Most Important

in Us in Flux from ASU Center for Science and the Imagination

Iori Kusano (CW ’17)

Blades in the Dark” series of tabletop storytelling podcasts

from SpeculateSF

Robert Guffey (CW ’96)

“The Loser”

in Black Cat Mystery Magazine

“Her Wounded Eyes”

in New Reader Magazine

Colleen Anderson (CW ’87)

Accidentally, He Gives Her Dreams

in The Fantasy Files from Engen Books

Twined” in Silver Blade

Cleopatra” in Illumen

Looking Glass” in Illumen

Hacker Hallowe’en” in Polar Borealis