Calling all Clarion West alumni!

We need your help! This summer’s six-week workshop will make history: it’s our first virtual summer workshop. We’re very excited to work with the cohort of 15 we accepted for the summer, and there are a few things we’d like to offer them so they feel the love of the greater CW community.

If you can help with any of the following, please let us know or send your materials to Jae at by April 5!

  1. Write or record an encouraging letter to the students! (For written letters, please attach in a PDF to an email; audio files should be in .mp3 format; videos should be .mp4 files.) We’d love to dole out messages of support to the students each week, so if you want to address a specific week, please add a note to your email.
  2. Would you like to lead an hour-long meditation, a yoga class, a crafting session, or some other optional, screen-lite activity with the class? Each week we’d like to include a couple optional sessions that get the students out of their seats or engaging in non-writing activities. We will offer an honorarium for these sessions.
  3. Are you interested in donating your time as a mentor? Each of our students will be paired with an alumni mentor or former Clarion West instructor for additional support. We expect mentors to check in with their student each week of the workshop and be willing to offer at least an hour per week toward supporting them as they navigate the six weeks. We may not find a spot for everyone interested in mentoring this year, but ultimately we can build a network of mentors to help up-and-coming students through this challenging time.

Finally, if you’d like to help us stock the class care packages, please click here to make a donation. We’re putting together six weeks’ worth of goodies they’ll unwrap together to get a sense of sharing a table. Some featured items are notebooks sporting the year’s poster art by Samuel Araya, copies of Writing the Other and the Pocket Workshop, hand-picked items from each instructor, and a taste of Seattle through local tea and coffee, Theo’s chocolate, and some kitsch from the infamous Archie McPhee’s.

Thank you all for welcoming this year’s class into the community!