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After Sumé left her last home in ruins, there was no place left to go except back to the island she’d abandoned years ago.

            Except when her boat scraped against the shallows, she found the island’s old landing dock slumped from rot and disuse. And the path leading from the docks was smothered by vines and ferns, so overgrown it was almost invisible. The stink of stagnant water and algae assaulted her. The emptiness, the neglect confirmed her worst fears.

She was the first person to step on the island in twenty years.

            “Well, fuck,” she said.

            Slinging the bag full of things from her life on the mainland over one shoulder, Sumé began walking the leaf-drowned path towards the havens. She didn’t even make it ten steps before a vine snaked around her pant leg, trying to hold her back. She shook her ankle free and exhaled loudly.

            This was why people on the mainland thought this island was full of restless ghosts.

What I Write

Mostly short stories, almost always in the speculative fiction vein. I try to teach myself a new skill with every piece, so consequently I’ve become the queen of revisions.


” She has a knack for creating protagonists that readers can genuinely root for, and puts those characters into situations where finding the right path is not always easy or clear.” – Caroline M. Yoachim from this interview


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My Write-a-thon Goals

Writing Goals

Writing during a pandemic has been…interesting. But with any luck, I’ll be able to revise a novelette that I’ve been stuck on for years now and then revise another short story.

Stretch goal: Write something new.

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Postcard and just normal cards with my thanks!


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