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What I Write

What I Write

Murder mysteries with gods in ’em. Brains with computers in ’em. Versions of New Orleans with superheroes or steampunk automatons or shapeshifters in ’em.

Anything I can get away with, honestly.


The City of Lost Fortunes – HMH/JJA Books & Titan UK 2018

The Independence Patch” – Lightspeed 

Gather the Fortunes – HMH/JJA Books & Titan UK 2019

My Write-a-thon Goals

Writing Goals

My goal for this write-a-thon is to write the first 5 more chapters of my current novel-in-progress by the end of the workshop. This new book is something different from my Crescent City books, a fantasy version of French/Spanish Colonial New Orleans. There will be spies and automatons, magic and revolution.

Fundraising Goals

I don’t have a set amount I’d like to raise, but I do have some tiered rewards should you choose to sponsor Clarion West in my name.

Tier one – Less than $20: My sincere and significant gratitude. Fistbumps next time I see you. That sort of thing.

Tier two – $20 – $29: All the gratitude from tier one plus a post card from New Orleans. I’ll do my best to write something clever, but cleverness is not guaranteed.

Tier three – $30 – 49: Gratitude, post card, plus I’ll let you add a character to this new book I’m working on. Got a favorite historical figure? Want to invent a weird automaton? Want your sworn enemy to get maimed/eaten/seduced by a chaos god? Want to fulfill your lifelong dream of becoming a pirate? Here’s how that can happen.

Tier four – $50 – $74: Gratitude, post card, character of your choice, plus a signed, personalized copy of my first novel, The City of Lost Fortunes. The more money you give, the more I’ll write in the front of the book. (Limit 5)

Tier Five – $75 – $199: Gratitude, post card, character, signed book, and a Skype conversation with me about whatever you’d like. Clarion West, fiction, the writing process, my books, New Orleans, superhero movies, whatever. It’s your conversation. We’ll start at half an hour, and the more you give, the longer we’ll talk.

Tier Six – $200 and up: Gratitude, post card, character, signed book, Skype conversation, and I’ll read and critique your fiction. $200 gets you 50 pages of fiction, and then it’s a buck a page after that. For $300, I’ll read a full novel, unless it’s like, 800 pages, in which case send me an email and I’ll quote you an amount.

If any of this interests you, make your donation and send me a message at:


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