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I was halfway through the Friday eleven to seven shift, which is the loneliest of the lot, when the time machine lit up and spat Mo out.

She looked like she was on fire. Not like she’d been set on fire; she looked like fire was running over her skin like spilled beer running across a table, foaming and spreading. Tachyon breakdown, the decay of shifted time.

I’ve seen people come through before, but only on tape. And Jesus, never anyone I knew

And because it was Mo, I killed the alarm.

– ‘Playing Prometheus’, Persistent Visions Magazine, 18 November 2016

What I Write

Secondary-world fantasy, polite horror, and somewhat emotional science fiction. The lines seem to blur a bit. Currently working on several short stories and editing a post-apocalyptic novel.


“Late Night at the Low Road Diner”, forthcoming in Liminal Stories in August 2018.

“Thou Unnecessary Letter”, published in the No Shit, There I Was… anthology. February 2017.

Playing Prometheus”, published in Persistent Visions. 18 November 2016.

“The Gannet Girl”, published in issue 102 of On Spec magazine. May 2016.

Abishag Mary”, published in The Weird Wild West anthology. December 2015. (Story link is to an excerpt.)

Five Drinks in Siltown”, published in issue 8 of Betwixt Magazine. July 2015.

Palimpsest”, published in issue 2 of The Sockdolager. June 2015.

My Write-a-thon Goals

Writing Goals

6,000 new words written, and 3 short stories revised.

Fundraising Goals

I deeply admire Clarion West; while I’m not sure if I’ll ever be able to attend the six-week workshop, I admire the work they do (both the six-week and the one-day workshops, not to mention the scholarships) and I’d love to support it.

My Progress

27 July – a quick note that the final update will be tomorrow. 🙂

20 July – 1991 words! This is reallyencouraging, especially given everything else that seems determined to happen this week. Thank each and every one of you so very much for contributing, or for reading this.

My work on story revision is going slowly, simply because there is just a lotto revise, but I think I should be on track to have it done at the end of next week.

13 July – 1232 words done this week. Nearly done one complete plotline for my current project!

Also, a shout-out to Asha Bardon and Shannon Fay, who helped me figure out something pretty critical about a story I’ve been struggling with. Wanted to write a more in-depth post about expectations and story formats, but this week has been mad busy. Will try and get to it later, but in the meantime, wanted to thank them before even more time slipped away.

6 July – 1077 words this week! It’s still morning, but I’m planning on outlining this evening if I get time, and I’m not going to count an outline towards my wordcount. If I do get any prose done, I’ll just roll it forward into next week.

I also completed my second story revision, so that’s two out of three done, which does give me a little breathing room. I’ve got three weeks to revise the last one, so I may try working on the novelette that I handwrote a draft of in May. (I increased the wordcount in the story by 192, but I figure I’ll just keep revision wordcount changes separate from everything else.)

In other news, the last week’s heat wave is finally breaking. I look forward to going outside and breathing without feeling like I’m trying to iron a soaking wet T-shirt.

29 June – 1023 words this week! It’s not as much as I’d like, but I decided to not count any of my outlining towards this week’s total, so at least it’s not all I’ve done. Also, last week I revised a story, so that’s one of the three done.

I’m slightly worried that I’m coming down with a light summer cold, so my plan for the long weekend is to largely stay inside, avoid the rather intense stew of humidity and pollen that is descending on us, and make progress on a rewrite. Hopefully what I’m feeling is just a very prolonged allergy attack and a couple of days to recover will have it tapering off.

23 June1238 words this week! Not a complete draft, sadly – there’s the short piece I was working on earlier, and the rest of the words went on a different piece that’s been around for a while. But I have a couple of draft zeros now; those things that are still at the level of having [[TRANSITION SCENE GOES HERE]] and [[CHECK SETTING FOR DESCRIPTION]] peppered in a few times, but are otherwise pretty solid.

I’m going to try and spend most of tomorrow working on revisions so that I can have one of the three stories I’m meaning to revise done for next week.

20 June – 686 words so far! I’m writing a very short piece, and I will actually need to edit it down to 500 words, but that’s going to happen after I get a few more details on the setting; I’ll write it all up and then edit it all down.
I’ve also started loosely editing a small piece; I’m not sure that it’s something I can properly work through in a fortnight, though, so it might not be one of my three stories edited. Will see.
A heads-up going forward; I’ve found that a lot of the time when I’m working on a first draft, I handwrite it. (This ties in to my interest in fountain pens and small notebooks.) I’m fairly used to doing this, so I know how many words on average are on a page of my notebooks, and I’ll be calculating based off that average when I don’t have time to transcribe my weekly work into a word processor before Saturday.


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