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Excerpt from “How to Break Up with Your Zombie Boyfriend” 
Published in Strangelet, Issue 1.2, July 2015
Step Three. Ask Him the Wrong Questions. 

You need answers, but you’re not ready for them. Don’t ask Can you still feel love? Instead, bring up the trip to the beach you took together when you first started dating. Ask Do you remember when? It is not enough for you to remember alone. You have been with your boyfriend for a long time. You are afraid to be alone: you had planned to survive the apocalypse together. Your house hasn’t been attacked since that first time, when he was bitten. Maybe he is protecting you, and that must mean he loves you. Rationalize. Allow yourself one direct question. Why are you still here? Ask even though he doesn’t speak to you anymore. His eyes are clouding over, harder to read each day. Spend hours mulling over each grunt, each listless moan. Wonder what he would like to tell you. Be thankful, up until the very end, that he can’t.

What I Write

Animal characters in slipstream worlds


“How to Break Up with Your Zombie Boyfriend.” Strangelet. Issue 1.2. July 2015.


“The Standing Part.” Gingerbread House. Issue 10, December 2014.


“Sister Winter.” The Colored Lens. Issue 12, Summer 2014. Audio version in Cast of Wonders, Episode 162.


“Helpline.” Mason’s Road. August 2013. Winner of the Summer Literary Award.


“Libration.” Booth. Issue 5. June 2013.


“Peter Rabbit.” Missing Links and Secret Histories: A Selection of Wikipedia Entries from Across the Known Multiverse. Edited by L. Timmel Duchamp. Aqueduct Press, June 2013.


My Write-a-thon Goals

Writing Goals

Each week I will create one visual literature piece — an erasure poem, a collage, a photo essay — any form that allows me to explore the relationship between image and text.

Fundraising Goals

I would like to raise $100 for Clarion West.

My sponsors will receive a thank you postcard in the mail the week after they donate, and at the end of the write-a-thon I will mail a chapbook of one of the visual literature pieces.


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