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Here’s the thing about surviving a slumber party massacre: no one really wants you around anymore. All your friends are dead, and your mom is dead, and you get shuffled off to live with your miserable Aunt Katherine, who blames you for getting her sister killed because she’s an awful human being like that. And you try to move on, but you don’t know how because your nightmares are constant and therapy is hard, especially when a new killer arrives and murders your therapist with his own pencil. You survive that massacre, too–this one’s on a field trip–but nobody cares that you saved some band kid’s life because, clearly, you’re cursed and should just leave town. Even the band kid isn’t grateful, that pimpled little shit.

So, you leave town. But first, you rob your aunt blind.

– Excerpt from “Some Kind of Blood-Soaked Future” – Nightmare, Oct. 2019

What I Write

Fairy tales. Murder mysteries. Ghost stories. Weird genre-benders about badass and dangerous women. I subvert tropes or I embrace them whole-heartedly, and I like a little style with my substance. 2nd person is very often my jam.


Spider Season, Fire Season” – Nightmare (Forthcoming July 2020)

Monsters Never Leave You” – Strange Horizons (Forthcoming June 2020)

You Were Once Wild Here” – The Dark (December 2019)

Some Kind of Blood-Soaked Future” – Nightmare (October 2019)

This Lexicon of Bone and Feathers” – Sword & Sonnet (September 2018)

A complete list of my published work can be found here.

My Write-a-thon Goals

Writing Goals

Primarily, I’d like to make progress on a new novel I’ve started. Codename: AMID.  It’s a second-world fantasy western with queer women, monster hunters, witches, private detectives, slow burn romance, and–of course–murder.

Other things I’ll inevitably be working on during the Write-a-Thon: movie reviews and Star Trek: TOS recaps for my blog. Also, almost certainly, some Untamed fanfic. Because this fandom has taken over my life.

Fundraising Goals

Anything I can raise for CW is basically a win for me. But this is an especially hard time to ask for money right now when there are so many other vital organizations in need of support. So, what I’d like to do is this: if you can afford to sponsor me for $5, then I’ll match that $5 and donate it to The Okra Project, which provides meals and resources to Black transgender people. At this time, I can only match up to $5 per sponsor and only up to 40 sponsors. If you donate $6 or more, thank you, you’re amazing! But I’ll still only be donating $5 per person.

However, if you sponsor me for $50, I will also write a movie review/essay on any movie of your choosing. Or, alternatively, I’ll write an essay analyzing what your chosen film would look like if the gender roles of every character were flipped. The essay will be at least 1,000 words and posted sometime after the Write-a-Thon. Movie must be under 2 1/2 hours and preferably not one I’ve reviewed before, or at least, not recently. Limit: 1 per person.


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