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In the year since the last Write-a-thon, I’ve had two more joint replacement surgeries, but hopefully, I’m all done with my titanium joint collection.  The good news is that I sold a short story to an awesome anthology this year, and am inspired to write short again.

I am currently recovering from my most recent knee replacement surgery, but believe I should be able to sit at my desk for extended periods of time in another week or so and at least complete the short story I started last month!

I really enjoyed challenging myself to write something very short earlier this year; I have been working on novel projects for a long time now and forgot just how much I like writing short fiction.  Trying to write short hurts my head in a good way, so I figure I should make myself do it more.

My goal then for this summer is to raise the stakes and finish two short stories by the end of the six weeks!   I will also continue work on the novel, because eventually it really does have to get done.

I very much appreciate your support and cheerleading.  After so many years of supporting other people’s writing, it feels good to focus on my own.   Thank you for  your encouragement.  Kudos to all of the CW alumni for encouraging their classmates to all join in this year.  You guys inspire me! Kudos also to Neile and Huw for their their hard work  and enthusiasm.

Thanks to everyone who can make even the smallest donation to help Clarion West to continue this fine tradition.

Here’s a fun idea.  If you would like to appear as a walk-on character in the road trip story I’m working on right now, donate before July 10.  The person who makes the highest donation will become a minor character in that story and receive a copy when its done.

Thank you again,



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