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Team Eclipse

My Write-a-thon Goals

Writing Goals

Cooking and Turning Bad Story-Telling Good. Send us your money!

Fundraising Goals

For the month of July we are offering the following rewards:

$20 gets you a Team Eclipse cookbook on a google document. Team Eclipse members will each volunteer a recipe that they love which we will collate into one google document for you to download and use. Recipes may or may not include: maffe, cocktails, the best chocolate chip cookies, etc.

Breaking Craft Rules ($25-$50)

NEVER start a story with someone waking up.
NEVER end a story with “it was all a dream.”
NEVER have a character describe themselves while looking in the mirror.

Do these craft rules sound familiar? Give us $25 and we’ll each write a paragraph breaking one of these rules and send them to you. Give us $50 and you can select a craft rule you want us to break. Send us your hardest challenge. We can take it.


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