What makes the Clarion West experience so powerful? One secret is our amazing instructors, whom we select both for the strength of their writing and for their ability to teach and guide a class. Each year, we recruit the most talented writers from around the world: our past instructors include Neil Gaiman, Ursula K. Le Guin, George R. R. Martin, Samuel Delany, N.K. Jemisin, and so many more. The right instructor at Clarion West can change lives, inspire dreams, and make careers.

Unfortunately, tuition and student scholarships do not cover costs for our instructors, which include round-trip transportation from just about anywhere in the world, as well as the costs of food, lodging and the instructor honorarium.

The Clarion West Instructorship Fund helps ensure that we have the resources we need to recruit the very best instructors — no matter where in the world they hail from. Your donations have a critical impact on our ability to bring these talented writers, editors, and instructors to our workshops.

Instructorship Fund

You can donate any amount today to the Clarion West General Instructorship fund, which provides partial support to the cost of instructor recruitment:

Name an Instructorship

If you are interested in naming a one-week instructorship, please contact us at director@clarionwest.org.

A Sincere Thank You to our 2018 Named Instructorships:

  • Leslie Howle Instructorship, Week One
  • Sally Klages Memorial Instructorship, Week Four, sponsored by Ellen Klages
  • Brian James Lewis 2018 Editor’s Choice Instructorship, Week Five/Editor’s Week, sponsored by the Empire & Great Jones Creative Arts Foundation
  • Susan C. Petrey Instructorship, Week Six
  • An anonymous instructorship, where needed most