J.D. Harlock

J.D. Harlock (he/him) is a Lebanese Palestinian Syrian writer/editor based in Beirut. In addition to his work as the poetry editor at Solarpunk Magazine and Orion’s Belt, he is the outreach manager at Utopia Science Fiction Magazine and the social media manager at The Dread Machine. His poetry has been published or is forthcoming in Strange Horizons, the SFPA’s Star*line, the Future Fire, and Mithila Review’s hope punk issue, Planet Democracy. His nonfiction has been published or is forthcoming in the British Council’s Voices Magazine, Blood Knife Magazine, Film Daze, and the SFWA Blog. His short stories have been featured in The Deadlands, Every Day Fiction, Flash Fiction Magazine, AAN Press’ The Librarian anthology, and Android Press’ Bioluminescent, the first lunarpunk anthology, & Fighting for the Future: Cyberpunk and Solarpunk Tales. And, finally, he co-wrote Bryan Talbot: Father of the British Graphic Novel, the official Bryan Talbot biography with the man himself and it features intros by Ed Brubaker and the one and only Neil Gaiman.