Building a Mystery with Shannon Fay


November 2, 2022

Time (US Pacific):

4:00 pm


Crafting Mystery Stories in Speculative Worlds.


Writing a SF/F mystery isn’t as simple as simply having a corpse on a space station or a murdered cleric in a locked crypt. Most traditional mystery stories operate on the concept of ‘fair play,’ the idea that the reader could possibly solve the mystery themselves if they pay attention and think things through. The traditional mystery model also assumes that the story is set in our world, with no magic or strange science gumming up the works. So, is it possible to write a genre story that is both wondrous and fantastical while also being a satisfying whodunit?

The class will take place over four sessions, with the first two sessions being lectures on the nature of mystery writing and the third and fourth sessions consisting of discussion and critique.

In between sessions, students will also be writing short mystery stories, which they will send out to their fellow students to read and critique.


Session 1 (11/2): Lecture
Session 2 (11/9): Lecture
Session 3 (11/16): Discussion and Critique
Session 4 (11/30): Discussion and Critique

For writers of all levels. No advance preparation is required.


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