Beyond Earth, Wind, & Fire: The Unsung Elements of Craft

Event Date:

November 20, 2021

Event Time (Pacific):

9:00 am


We are thrilled to welcome back the Voodoonauts, a grassroots Afrofuturist collective promoting connectivity & craft within the global Black SFF community, with a unique workshop experience for all writers.


How do stories germinate from idea seeds to entire forests on the page? What tools can writers use to render interiority that captures the spirit of characters? What is the equation behind building a compelling villain who jumps off the page? Can osteomancy teach us about story structure and editing the speculative with the eye of a poet? In this two-day panelshop, the Voodoonauts founders will decentralize what we consider the classical elements of craft, to begin a conversation about reimagining approaches to writing. 

Beginning, intermediate, and advanced authors can use these workshops to refine existing drafts or craft new material for future projects. Students will come away from the panelshop equipped with a methodology of seeing an idea through from seedling to forest.


Day 1
(November 20 – 9 am-2 pm)

Welcome Panel 9-10 am

The writing workshop as we know it has roots in McCarthyism—both anti-communist and nurturing rugged individualism—when individualism only represented Straight, White Men. As such the workshop and writing craft, as taught to us, have an agenda of fostering isolation and conformity to anachronistic western narratives. “Avatar: the Last Air-bender,” for example, is lauded for its centering of Asian- and Inuit-coded characters, but ignores the Chinese elements (wood-metal-fire-water-earth), in favor of Greek Classical elements, once again assuming White Perspective as ubiquitous and universal.

In our opening panel, we discuss the subversion of expectations that amount to craft, the difference between deus ex machina and living with magic, what a decolonized workshop looks like, exploding the agenda, and how equitable space reaps furtive and revolutionary creativity. 

After a short break we will move into workshops. Workshops will be from 90-120 minutes long with breaks between. 

Workshop #1 Lost in Transition

Wind & Trees 

Do you have a hundred possible story threads but no idea where to start? Does the prospect of research seem daunting, especially in speculative fiction? Sometimes the hardest aspect of storytelling is the act of translating the idea to the page. In this workshop, Shingai will give alternative methods of grounding and rooting stories in experimental processes that make it easier for the story to come together.

Participants should bring a story idea or a stuck story, and the goal of the workshop will be to generate worlds around the stories.


Workshop #2 Build-A-Beast


Just because it’s natural doesn’t mean it’s good for you—Hugh “H.D.” Hunter will dive into the elemental underside by exploring antagonists, villains, and the way we write and understand them in this workshop. Participants will gain character development prowess and writing strategy, aimed at creating complex, captivating characters that propel stories. This workshop is designed to:

  • Explore and create structure for antagonistic character motivation, action, and communication.
  • Expand narratives by constructing more robust characters, better preparing work for serial potential.
  • Offer participants dedicated writing time to channel generative energy into WIPs or new stories.
  • Offer participants expansive ideas on how to dodge cliches and subvert/convert tropes in order to make their fiction more distinct.

Day 2

(November 21 – 9 am-2 pm)


Workshop #3 Throwing Bones, Poetic Compression, & Osteomancy: Editing with the Heart of a Poet Shaman


Yvette Lisa Ndlovu approaches the formation of fiction by addressing the magic and science of its smallest units: lines and sentences. Combining southern African osteomancy and poetry into her writing practice, in this workshop Yvette is going to teach participants to craft the bones of their stories in a way that brings out the “writer’s voice.” We’ll learn how to take the literary techniques of poetry and employ them in fiction editing.

This session will be an editing workshop, so bring those pages you’ve been meaning to clean up or that first sentence or ending line that you aren’t satisfied with yet. Participants can expect to walk away with a methodology of editing their work before sending it out into the world.

Workshop #4 Spirit in Flesh, Spirit in Space


In science fiction, the depth of dimensions of space ships and their long-range scanners tend to get primacy over our first scanner — soul in a body. LP Kindred draws a direct line between a character’s inner landscape and the way vulnerability, awareness, and their absence/presence affect the way they experience the world and interact with other fleshships. This workshop will incorporate performance exercises; the Story Engine™ excerpts to infuse existing drafts and new stories with an interiority-first approach to showing and telling characters’ emotional landscape; character relationships/interactions; and describing physical spaces.

Closing (1-2pm)
The Reading: Dropping Bars, Volume 3

After committing two days to thinking about interiority, antagonism, story bones, and taking root, we know your inquisitive minds will have plot bunnies, snippets of world building, snatches of dialogue, and scenes in progress. Participants will have the opportunity to read their writing on the last day in community with other workshoppers.

General Timing and Logistics:

Workshops will be from 90-120 minutes long with short breaks between. Workshops will be recorded for registered attendees. Recordings will be available after the event. Other questions: email

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  • November 20, 2021 9:00 am - 2:00 pm
  • November 21, 2021 9:00 am - 2:00 pm
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