Crafting Complex Childhoods in Fantasy With Jordan Ifueko

Event Date:

October 6, 2021

Event Time (Pacific):

11:00 am


This workshop aims to equip attendees with the tools to write realistic, complex, and plot-relevant childhoods for the young characters of their fantasy worlds. In this brief session, we’ll cover:

-How to avoid “Pollyanna syndrome.” Is your child protagonist a bit too much of a precious tyke? Maybe they are a conveniently blank slate, waiting to be pardoned and wizened by [insert traumatic event here], followed by a time jump to when the *real* story begins. Or perhaps they’re achingly Not Like The Other Villagers, brimming with precocious sagacity, immune to the prejudices of their setting despite limited exposure to any other worldview. No fear! We’ll work together on how to write three-dimensional children that reflect the shortcomings of their birth culture, parental upbringing, and cutely underdeveloped frontal cortex.

–How to flesh out one-liner backstories like: “His mother died when he was young.” “The war ended when they were just a babe.” “She was adored as a young princess.” Sometimes these one-liners sum up the entirety of a protagonist’s childhood, even when the lead is arguably young enough that those formative years should be fresh in memory. Also, even when one’s protagonist is not a child, trauma causes humans to revert to the age at which the trauma happened, which makes knowing the child version of one’s protagonist very useful.

–How to integrate the mechanics of the fantasy world into your protagonist’s upbringing. Did your protagonist grow up with magic? Was it culturally acceptable or not? How might your protagonist have absorbed some of those cultural biases? Does the protagonist grow out of those biases, and if so, how?

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  • October 6, 2021 11:00 am - 12:30 pm
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