Lighting the Writer’s Fire: Erotica as Liberation for Writers and Storytellers with Nina Love

Event Date:

June 12, 2022

Event Time (Pacific):

9:00 am


A workshop designed to inspire those who know they are writers and those who doubt they are writers to deepen their relationship to their voice through the tools and intuitive techniques of erotic writing.


Erotica is not only delightful to read and digest but a meticulous and exploratory way to write. There are vast tools that erotica offers for the novice writer and expanded storyteller to create expressions of inner worlds that translate into imagined, expanded ones.

This workshop will explore the intuitive, sensory, and imaginative techniques that erotica encompasses. It will speak to the sacred ways that storytelling bubbles up through setting scenes, trusting intuition, following the trails of desire, and returning to the fundamentals of sensation.

Even non-erotica writers can gain a wealth of intuitive and practical tools to inspire and ignite their core works and genres.

Though this course can and should be taken by all writers who desire a deeper connection to their unique ways of creating stories and narratives, it is aimed at liberating Black and Brown writers from the confines of technical writing and into the abundance of their own experiential, experimental and intuitive writing gifts.

Regain a sense of play, imagination, and love for your own words, and broaden your minds about what makes good writing versus what makes writing feel good to you.

For writers of all levels. No advance preparation is required.


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  • June 12, 2022 9:00 am   -   11:30 am
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