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I have a shit-ton forthcoming. Like loads, bros and brossettes…when I finally sell some stories, that is. So, you know, stay posted.

My Write-a-thon Goals

Writing Goals

I just plan to keep writing me nicely-shaped arse off amidst the circus that is my life (kids, dogs, cats, house, wifey, grass-that-grows-and-demands-to-be-cut, etc.)


Fundraising Goals

I’m a Clarion West 2014 graduate, and my six weeks were bitchin’. I hope to raise a few monies for the awesome organization that is Clarion West, to show appreciation for all the fine folks on stage and behind the scenes who make such an epic experience possible.

I’ve got a simple name, and a kickass sideways photo at the top of the page, but I’m not a big name, dig, so I don’t expect to raise a bunch of money. I do expect to raise a dollar or two, though, and every dollar helps. Not being a big name, I don’t have cool prizes such as being able to send sponsors a copy of a book, mag, etc. in which someone’s published my awesome words.

I can, and will, however, send your ass a link to a story by one of my classmates who have published fiction, and after reading on of their stories, you’ll probably mentally respond, “Hot damn!” (or something similarly exclamatory) because my classmates fuck shit up like that. They’re great writers, and Clarion West is a great cause.

Thanks for reading, and thanks for any donations you make to Clarion West by sponsoring me.