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Writing Sample

This is part of a rough-draft piece I finished the other day.

“What do you see out there?” Carl uses his cigarette hand to point toward Tenth Street.
I look at him funny, so he nods. “Go on; what do you see?”
“A bunch of houses…”
He shakes his head. “Specifics. Don’t hesitate.” He takes a drag.
I notice the houses as though for the first time, really taking them in. “The corner one there is an ugly yellow, steep roof. Front yard’s got wrap-around bushes. There’s a two-story house next to it with a basketball hoop in the driveway, between the two garage doors. Across the street is a small field and then a little forest of evergreens, mainly. A Toyota’s speeding…and now comes to a stop…turning left.”
Carl flicks his cigarette and stands. “There ain’t no yellow house, no two-story house. Sure as hell no bushes. And a Toyota? Around here? Nice one, kid. I see Crabapple Street, the sidewalk, then forest. Some kids have laid scrap wood across the blackberries over there and hacked out a trail that disappears a little ways in. That’s what I see.”
“I’m not lying,” I say, his glare making me want to defend myself. I don’t mention that he’s in black and white because that’d probably be too much for him. “I’ll grab one of my text books so you can check the copyright date.”
He waves his hand away, like it’s a stupid notion. “Do that, but what would that prove? Maybe I’m not dead, and then you’re some time-travelling girl.”
“I’m not, though.”
“But maybe you are. A tricky, kid with an agenda from the future. I go home every night to my wife, Cindy, and my little boy, Jonathon. You’re telling me they’re not real, too?”
“I don’t know,” I whisper because talking about his family has gotten him pacing, and his face is a little flushed, his words harsher. I stand up and walk into the empty building, stepping around a bucket of nails. “All I know is that since I was a little kid, you’ve all been dead. This whole jobsite is a ghost, looming into the sky like a hologram. There’re houses all around this place. A few blocks east on Crabapple are some dental offices and such, a Safeway. Right over there,”—I point out another gap where guys would’ve eventually installed windows—“that whole sections is Bricket Fields. Soccor fields, baseball fields, football, skate park.”
I hear the flick of a Zippo, and see the first flowing exhale of smoke from a new cigarette. “Say I take your bullshit for what it is. Okay, I’m a dead man, alive and trucking, but dead. You’re here again, why?”

What I Write

I don’t discriminate. I write everything from here to there.

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I have a shit-ton forthcoming. Like loads, bros and brossettes…when I finally sell some stories, that is. So, you know, stay posted.

Write-a-thon Goals

Writing Goals

I just plan to keep writing me nicely-shaped arse off amidst the circus that is my life (kids, dogs, cats, house, wifey, grass-that-grows-and-demands-to-be-cut, etc.)

I’ll post excerpts from several stories I’m working on.

Fundraising Goals

I’m a Clarion West 2014 graduate, and my six weeks were bitchin’. I hope to raise a few monies for the awesome organization that is Clarion West, to show appreciation for all the fine folks on stage and behind the scenes who make such an epic experience possible.

I’ve got a simple name, and a kickass sideways photo at the top of the page, but I’m not a big name, dig, so I don’t expect to raise a bunch of money. I do expect to raise a dollar or two, though, and every dollar helps. Not being a big name, I don’t have cool prizes such as being able to send sponsors a copy of a book, mag, etc. in which someone’s published my awesome words.

I can, and will, however, send your ass a link to a story by one of my classmates who have published fiction, and after reading on of their stories, you’ll probably mentally respond, “Hot damn!” (or something similarly exclamatory) because my classmates fuck shit up like that. They’re great writers, and Clarion West is a great cause.

Thanks for reading, and thanks for any donations you make to Clarion West by sponsoring me.