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Excerpt from “Lake Heart” by Adele Gardner, published in Deep Magic, Dec. 2016,

The boat circled faster, riding the edge of the whirlpool.  Yancy clung to the dragon kite.  She could feel his fright even as he pumped for purchase with those fragile wings.  The kite piped, I’ll save you, Mistress!  Amid the sleet, the kite dove in and pecked the monster with his flapping beak.

The whirlwind moaned.  The waterspout slammed the boat.  As the vessel caved, Yancy dove beneath the waves.  Distorted by water, she heard her dragon box screaming in agony as the monster ripped it to shreds.

What I Write

I write in/for a wide variety of genres, formats, & age levels.  Fantasy & science fiction, literary, mystery, poetry & short stories, children’s, & more.


Cat-loving cataloging librarian Adele Gardner ( has a poetry collection (Dreaming of Days in Astophel) as well as over 400 poems, stories, illustrations, and essays published in venues such as Pedestal MagazineDaily Science FictionLegends of the PendragonNewMyths.comStrange Horizons, James Gunn’s Ad Astra, and more. Gardner is a two-time third-place winner in SFPA’s Rhysling Awards and a third-place winner in the Balticon Poetry Contest of the Baltimore Science Fiction Society. Adele lives and writes under her middle name to honor her father, mentor, and namesake, Delbert R. Gardner, for whom she serves as literary executor.

My Write-a-thon Goals

Writing Goals

7-15-19, Update: Accomplished second week’s goals with one hour of writing (average) per day.
7/8/19, Update: I accomplished my first week’s goals with one hour of writing per day. Currently working on a cat-themed story.
Wildly creative: I’m setting myself free to embark on any creative pursuit that strikes my fancy! However, I have to be cautious about my time commitment this time around due to a caregiver role that is important to me. So I’m adjusting my goal accordingly. My aim is to put in meaningful work that doesn’t make me feel guilty about the amount of time spent. More quality, less quantity. Generally speaking, I hope to complete about an hour a day.