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What I Write

I’ve published three novels, Will Do Magic For Small Change, nominated for the Mythopoeic Award and short listed for the Lambda and Tiptree Awards; Redwood and Wildfire, winner of the 2011 Carl Brandon Kindred Award and the Tiptree Award; and Mindscape, shortlisted for the Phillip K Dick and Tiptree Awards, and winner of the Carl Brandon Parallax Award. Lonely Stardust, a collection of essays and plays, was published by Aqueduct Press in April 2014.


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Will Do Magic For Small Change                                                                                                                      Lonely Stardust
Redwood and Wildfire

Write-a-thon Goals

Writing Goals

I have to revise my fourth novel, THE MASTER OF POISONS. I will also begin several new projects. I’d like to have 10,000 words of my new novel by the beginning of August.

Fundraising Goals

I want folks to give money to keep my spirits up–I’ll take what ever you got to give!