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Just getting set up and looking forward to getting stuck in to my writing

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Breaking the Helix:
I prayed for my safety on Jorleb. As the shuttle broke through the upper atmosphere, I closed my eyes, made the sign of the Helix and asked the Universe to watch over me. The shuttle lurched suddenly and I tensed, gripping the arm of my seat tightly.
‘Nervous flyer?’ The old man in the seat next to me asked, in a tone that was more threatening than reassuring.
‘I never get used to this part,’ I said, without opening my eyes.
‘Lots of you people are like that. You hardly ever visit planets so you’re not used to the raw brutality of physics. You just take the shuttles between the ships and the Habitats, never being troubled by the crunch of real gravity or how rough the air can be.’
I didn’t know what he meant by ‘you people’ and I didn’t want to hear more, so I whispered another prayer.
Watch over me. Keep me safe. Watch over me. Keep me safe.
‘Must be something big to make someone like you come down to a planet,’ the old man interrupted. I opened my eyes and saw that he was frowning at me.

What I Write

I mainly write science fiction, but also some urban fantasy. I spend most of my writing time working on my novels, but I also write blogs, reviews and journalism. I have written a novel that I’m trying to get published and I’m working on a second one. I have also written a few short stories. My writing is political and focused on how tomorrow can be better than today.


I haven’t had any fiction published yet but I’m working on it

My Write-a-thon Goals

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I want to practice my short fiction writing and get feedback that I can use to improve my prose.