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June 28 update:

1500 words down so far… 🙂 Thanks to my sponsors – I’ll do you proud! 🙂



I’m pretty much setting my nose to this grindstone today. I’ll keep you posted…

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If you go to my website – at – and look at the free fiction samples… you’ll find stuff to read. You can also visit my page at Curious Fictions which has several stories up for your perusal (that’s at – come follow me there, if you like!) I occasionally post stuff “in the clear” on my Patreon, too ( but you can get all kinds of subscriber only goodies there if you join the Patreon family…

What I Write

I write stories, novels, fantasy and science fiction. You can find out more about my books at, under “my books”; the latest published book is the story collection “Untranslatable” which I humbly submit as a possibly good introduction to my work, if you have not read me before.


I point you to, under “my books”, for a complete and somewhat detailed bibliography. Having been at this writing lark for decades, the list is too long to enumerate here…