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Zee rode into our compound late one night on the cusp of summer ‘15, sitting shotgun in Pete’s truck. My younger brother Lukas and I were on the roof on our shift of keeping an eye out for looters and dinosaurs. Livvy and I’d only just started to take the twins out to practice shooting, and it was still a little surreal to sit there with Lukas.
We kids kept watch on the nights when we didn’t have enough power to keep the fence electrified the entire evening: me with the rifle to scare off looters, Lukas with the flare gun to scare off the dinos before they could get too close to the buildings and cause any damage with their massive bulk.
It was a new moon, pitch black out, and we’d been trading the night glasses back and forth, swatting mosquitoes, and telling stories when I heard the familiar rumbly-grumblies of Pete’s old Ford Potomac. Having worked on almost all of the cars in the township at one point or another – even though most of ‘em didn’t know it – I recognized all of their aches and pains, and held a hand up to still Lukas before he could take aim.

I was already scrambling down, and behind me, Luke called out: “You’re lucky we recognized you! Mighta shot your tires out.”

What I Write

YA Science Fiction with kickass heroines. Currently working on a novel that digs into what happens after a Hunger Games-like uprising/revolution/war – the impact on the survivors, their families, and the next generation.

My Write-a-thon Goals

Writing Goals

Writing 10 pages a week during the write-a-thon for my novel-in-progress – focused on what happens to the people left standing after a Hunger Games-like revolution.

Fundraising Goals

Anything helps! Clarion West is the best.

I treasure my experience there in ’05 to this day – for the inspiration, the friends I made, the work I did, and Octavia Butler making me admit I’m a goddamn writer (however long it takes me to dive into projects and finish manuscripts).

I can’t promise weekly updates of really terrible drafts – but I will circle back afterwards with the cleaned up version and add you to the alpha-readers list.