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From my short story, “A Singular Event in the Fourth Dimension” published in Asimov’s:

At lights out on the day the fairy dust came, Mama told a new bedtime story about an android engineer princess who lived at the top of the elevator. All the android engineer princess’s friends were fairies, and the princess talked with them all day long, especially when the King and Queen were away working at mid-point station, where they kept passengers and cargo safe.

“How many fairies are there?” Olive had said.

“I could only guess,” Mama said. “But I won’t.”

“Do the android engineer princess’s fairy friends ever ride the dust to mid-point?”

Mama hesitated. “Yes.”

“Given the gravity gradient between the castle and mid-point,” Olive said, “and the effects of solar radiation on small particles, how do the fairies transfer themselves and the dust at sufficient velocity to match the observed flux?”


What I Write

Mostly science fiction on a trellis of future infrastructure. But the fantasy ideas keep coming, too!


“A Singular Event in the Fourth Dimension” in Asimov’s Science Fiction, Forever Magazine Issue 40 at Weightless Books, and podcast in Cast of Wonders.
For the Love of Sylvia City” in Clarkesworld Magazine and in The Year’s Best Military & Adventure SF 2015.
“Vanish Girl” in Lady Churchill’s Rosebud Wristlet No. 28

My Write-a-thon Goals

Writing Goals

I will group-write a short story with my Clarion West 2017 classmates. Go Team Eclipse!
I will magically turn a too-long short story into a just-right-and-short novella.
I will (again!) rewrite my week 1 Clarion West short story but this time it will be awesome!


Fundraising Goals

The same as the amazing Team Eclipse for the group short story!
For my own writing, any donations would be appreciated.