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From my short story, “A Singular Event in the Fourth Dimension” published in Asimov’s and selected by Neil Clarke for 2017 recommended reading:
Olive touched the tiny carbon fiber legs. They folded under her fingertip. The drone was dead. Its accumulator nodes held enough copper to get Olive through the next three days. Papa had always provided Olive with the inorganics she needed, but Papa hadn’t been home much since Mama stopped going to work and the second grandma arrived five days ago.
With her hand curled around the drone, Olive wiggled backward through the sinewy filament holding each living quarters trailer like a barnacle to the side of the elevator. The filament slowed Olive. So did a shortage of metals in her system. None of today’s dead drones carried the gold she needed most.
Olive aimed for the nearest garden platform. She pushed out from underneath the trailer. Weightless, she sailed through the air. Mid-point station bulged overhead. Olive’s trajectory calculation was less than one hundred percent accurate, but garden platform magnets still caught her metal-frame feet. Olive’s landing puffed fairy dust into the air.

What I Write

Mostly science fiction on a trellis of future infrastructure. But the fantasy ideas keep coming, too!


“A Singular Event in the Fourth Dimension” in Asimov’s Science Fiction and Forever Magazine Issue 40 at Weightless Books.
For the Love of Sylvia City” in Clarkesworld Magazine and in The Year’s Best Military & Adventure SF 2015.
“Vanish Girl” in Lady Churchill’s Rosebud Wristlet No. 28

My Write-a-thon Goals

Writing Goals

Finish drafting my Clarion West week 4 short story that is actually a novella.
Subject said novella to a vicious edit that ensures it is under 40,000 words.
Terminate friendships with anyone suggests the 3500 word short story, which became a novella, should be turned into a novel.
Apologize for the writing goal above.

Fundraising Goals

One of my friends already pledged $3, so I’m starting this pretty psyched. I have some sponsorship awards to offer though!
I’m hiking up Mount Kilimanjaro in July this year. The novella has to be done before then! Let’s just take finishing the novella as a given. Cuz that must happen. Let’s instead focus on my Kilimanjaro-related sponsorship awards:
For a $10 pledge, I will take a picture of your picture chilling at Mount Meru camp before the hike begins. Trust me, your picture will be having a good time chilling. I will need to be emailed your picture  by July 9. If your picture shows up after July 9, I will take a picture of your picture chilling at my favorite spot to write in D.C.
For a $25 pledge, I will take a picture of your picture at either Shira Plateau (elevation 13,000 feet) or on Mount Meru (elevation 14,977 feet) with Kilimanjaro in the background. I’ve done some high altitude trekking before, so I expect that I will be fully functional if lacking an appetite at those elevations. I have never contemplated eating printed pictures when I’ve lost my appetite, so I expect your picture will make it to the end of the trek. I will need to be emailed your picture by July 9. If your picture shows up after July 9, I will take a picture of your picture chilling in D.C. at the Jefferson Memorial or the Lincoln Memorial.
For a $50 pledge, I will take a picture of your picture at all 3 locations listed above. Same rules apply for pre- and post-July 9. For the record, getting a picture of your picture at the base of Abraham Lincoln’s giant chair with no one else in the frame is going to take a heroinic effort. But I will do it for you. And I will do it for the Clarion West Write-a-thon!
What about at the summit, you ask. Okay, the summit is a bit high (19,341 feet). I’m leaving open the option of bailing on the summit, and I wouldn’t want to disappoint my sponsors with a sponsorship offer I might not fulfill. Also, I think the summit has a line of people waiting to take pictures. I don’t want to be greedy. But if I do make it to the summit, and you pledged one of the levels below, I will send you my summit picture. If I make it to the top, I expect to be super happy because it’s all downhill from there, and I’ll only have to descend 7,000 feet to find my appetite.
In summary, I once pasted a picture of my partner onto a popsicle stick and brought that on a family vacation when my partner unexpectedly couldn’t attend. Trust me — that was a good time. Your picture will have a good time, too!