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From the deck, Lambert looked down on the scattered clouds, their tops lit by the half-moon that hung low in the Eastern sky. The wind was cold, coming from the north-northwest, which meant she had to run the Scimitar’s engines in order to follow the Dorchester. Not her first choice—she didn’t know how sensitive the skyworms’ hearing was. Luckily, she’d made some adjustments to the engines, so the Scimitar ran far quieter than the typical British frigate—and could fly far higher, too. Right now the lookouts on the Dorchester were probably wondering where the hell she’d gone.

The atmosphere was thin and cold this high up, and her long leather coat was fastened tight across her waist and chest. She’d traded in her flamboyant hat for a pair of scarves wrapped tight around her head, exposing only her eyes and nose to the crisp night air.

Over the quiet thrum of the engines, the rigging creaked, and Lambert adjusted the wheel ever so slightly, bringing the zeppelin in line with the wind. Course corrections were almost second nature to her, now; she’d been steering airships since she snuck into the British Navy at age 14.

What I Write

I write science fiction and fantasy that borrows heavily from real-life history, science and mythology. To mix up things, I occasionally veer off into absurd comedy instead.


The Gatebuilders’ Daughter, Stupefying Stories, Coming 2014

Natalie, Lakeside Circus, Issue 1, December 2013 (

Best Regards, Waylines, Issue 6, November 2013 (

Someone to Remember, After Death…, Dark Moon Books, April 2013

The Taste of Failure, Flush Fiction, Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader, April 2012

The Talisman of Hatra, Dark Tales of Lost Civilizations, Dark Moon Books, March 2012

Armageddon’s Jester, Jersey Devil Press, April 2011 (

From Here to the Sargasso, Every Day Fiction, March 8, 2011; Podcast at Every Day Fiction on December 17, 2012 (

My Write-a-thon Goals

Writing Goals

I’ll be editing the rough draft of my novel, Noah’s Dragon. My goal is to fully edit one chapter a day, and a minimum of five chapters a week. There are 23 chapters total, so that should take me five weeks. The sixth week will be dedicated to overall cleanup and polishing.