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I was driving home from work when the sky flickered and changed color.  I knew, suddenly and irrevocably, that the ship was coming, and that it was lord.  Not God–there was nothing mystical about the ship or its coming.  It was simply to be obeyed.  Without question.
I knew that there had been other parts of myself that had been overwritten by this knowledge.  I knew that before, I’d seen the sky as blue instead of a pleasant lavender.  I knew that the person I had been would have been upset by this invasion, this violation of self.  But I wasn’t.
I walked through my front door and knew that my daughter and husband had not been changed.  So I smiled and hugged them and made dinner.  I still loved them, still knew that Suzy wouldn’t eat her broccoli and that Tom would steal my roll if I let him.
I settled back into my life and waited for the ship.
Scientists spotted the ship a week later.  In that week, I saw a few others who had been changed.  A woman in the grocery store, a child running in the park, Alex from accounting.  Our eyes met and held for a moment, and the knowledge passed between us.
Alex and I started eating our lunches together.  I found his presence soothing.  It was dangerous for us to congregate, but this tiny deviation was allowed.
The ship arrived and broadcasted a message of friendship and welcome.  Earth belonged to it now, and it would help us join the greater galactic community that it ruled.
Some of the changed voiced support, sabotaged defense systems, destroyed caches of weapons.  It was enough for the ship to seize control, but it also revealed our existence to the rest of the world.  The unchanged were afraid and angry.  The resistance began almost immediately.
I wanted to be called, to do my part.  But the ship told me to wait.


What I Write

Science fiction, fantasy, and horror.

Generally short.









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Add 20,000 words to my novel-in-progress.

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