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“Moping,” LogicalOR pronounced.  “Gonna rewrite your neural pathways, hah.  Teach yourself to be depressed.  Your brain will stick that way.”


I don’t think that’s true, Aedo almost said, though the words flatly refused to go down to her mouth.  Instead, after a moment of dry-tongued consternation, she managed “I don’t–”


“Get out,” LogicalOR said, though they sounded more amused than angry.  Still, Aedo’s heart skittered.  “Fresh air, ja?  If Undercity air is good enough for you.  Upcity chick.”


Aedo swallowed.  At LogicalOR’s glare, she motivated herself to speak – and, as always happened when she spoke without thinking, she uttered words she was sure would get her mocked: “Is it safe?”


“Just look out.”  LogicalOR laughed.  “There’s skellies in the walls, you know.”


LogicalOR left the room, snagging some small object from the shelf as they went.


Aedo shuddered.  She could believe the line about skeletons.  When they’d built the city – the Upcity – when they’d buried the old city, strangled it off with elevated highways and walkways and buildings and parks and bit by bit blotted out the sky with that high-up ground – they hadn’t been all that conscious of safety.  You could go on the net and find all sorts of photos: people sitting on girders without harnesses, piles of debris on soon-to-be Undercity streets where materials had crashed down, the occasional uncensored picture of a broken body, killed in some industrial accident or other.


Like a good secular rationalist, Aedo didn’t believe in ghosts.  And like a human with a well-evolved limbic system, she kinda did, really.

What I Write

I write speculative fiction short stories which rarely ever clock in at under 5000 words.



My Write-a-thon Goals

Writing Goals

I’m going to write at least a sentence a day, on a project of my choice. This modest goal should be accomplishable even on my worst or busiest days, and in my experience setting a tiny little goal usually finds me far exceeding it – while not scaring me off when I don’t have the time, energy, or brain.

Fundraising Goals

I cheer on all the donations made to Clarion West, but don’t have a specific fundraising goal.