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In the soft pink-purple light of dawn, the fairground is a lonely place, all scattered tents and abandoned machinery. You sweep away the dust and crumpled posters that have gathered outside your small raggedy tent, torn and patched in places, like a woman’s heart. The unblinking eye of the ferris wheel and the painted ever-patient horses of the carousel, watch you work.  


You light incense and leave a small offering of wildflowers and milk (for the spirits or the mongrel dog, it does not matter), beside the decorated cardboard sign that announces you as a fortune teller and the name of the travelling circus you belong to. Your daughter (safely sleeping inside, with your own rolled-up clothes as a pillow) had painted this, a blur of steady brushstrokes in the candlelight, and it fills you with pride.


You take out your creased tarot deck and pull out the first card.


The Star. Wish-fulfillment. Be hopeful for the future, you who have lived so long, haunted by the past.


Extract from my short story “Lady Fortune”.


What I Write

I mostly write fantasy short fiction and speculative poetry, alongside reviews, pop culture analyses, and personal essays. I’m also interested in venturing into games writing and screenplays.


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The Chilling Effect by Valerie Valdes| Strange Horizons
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My Write-a-thon Goals

Writing Goals

I’m hoping to write, edit and complete a few short fiction pieces and a couple of poems. I’m also planning to turn some of my ideas for card games and rpgs into detailed outlines. If anything, get at least some amount of writing done each day!

Fundraising Goals

I think Clarion’s doing an amazing job making SSF diverse, inclusive, and accessible, and you too can help by supporting a queer woman writer of color from India.  Plus, I’ll write a short poem for and to every person who donates.