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Hello! Halfway through Week 5, I’ve figured out where to post my progress.

I have written one flash-length story, an attempt at flash that became a longer (incomplete) short story, and two stories in verse.

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I’m about to burn. My final thesis is due.
My advisor isn’t bloodsucking as expected from a vampire in Witch Studies, but he can’t help.
Tonight, while the wispy ghosts serving at Never Café at night stay distracted with zombie-like students, I have to take the risk of swapping out every drink in the crowded coffee shop. My spider assistants cluster in the corners to observe as I snatch, spell, switch, repeat. Testing.
Wordless screams smother the usual murmur of the shop. I turn to watch one patron writhe, transforming–
Fuzzy tentacles on a new chimera wave at the crowd.

What I Write

Fantasy: Urban, Otherworld, re-imagined Folklore, and Fabulism. Science Fiction. Slipstream. Speculative Horror.

I usually focus my writing on flash fiction and poetry. In a better life, I would do more with my novels than cry within their chilly drafts and throw small offerings on the smoldering piles of the stories.


Speculative fiction under this byline have been published in The Cascadia Subduction Zone, Dark Moments, and Frozen Wavelets.

My Write-a-thon Goals

Writing Goals

Six flash-length stories.

Fundraising Goals

(Please help me understand how fundraising in this event works.)