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2018.07.07 – Week 3/6

$60 of $500 fundraising goal met.

4,754 of 15,000 words written.

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She sits silently on the front porch, one dog at her feet and one pacing against the rail, waiting for the rain. On the horizon, dark clouds gather like a flock of ravens. The wind blows screaming through the empty fields beyond the house, forcing down the heads of the trees at the edge of the clearing. A jagged flash of lightening, too far away for the crack of thunder to be audible, illuminates the roiling mass of clouds.


The dog at her feet raises his head and gives a low, urgent bark. “Hush, Roger.” Bronwyn reaches down to rub the ugly head. “Hush now.” The dog by the railing, perhaps sensing something she cannot, flicks his ears back and pads over to stand by her chair.


The storm is closer now, the flickers of lightning appearing more often, the growl of thunder rolling against her skin. She rocks back and forth in the old chair, eyes glued to a break in the woods on the edge of the horizon. The rain begins to fall, hot, stinging drops that hiss onto the grass. Bronwyn looks one last time toward the gap in the tree line – invisible now, in the driving rain – and goes into the house.


It has been three days.


The railroad is late.

What I Write

I write speculative, character-driven fiction. My current WIP is set in the near-future, several years after an attack on DC wipes out most of the government. When a conductor is killed in rural West Virginia, Bronwyn has to decide whether to leave his passengers, two children, to try and make the trip on their own, or escort them to the border herself. If she leaves them on their own, they will almost certainly be killed; if she goes with them, she runs the risk of drawing the attention of her ex-husband, self-appointed President for Life, who would definitely murder all three.

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2,500 words per week.

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