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Week 1: In the midst of our move to Los Angeles, I am finding time to revisit The Strange Days of Good Gracie Knight, a young adult novel that has lingered on the backburner for years. I am spending time re-reading pieces of past drafts and I am plotting a whole new course for this character.

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Below is an excerpt from The Strange Days of Good Gracie Knight, a supernatural young adult novel. Finishing this novel is my primary goal for this Write-a-thon.

“You’re late.”

Teachers love to state the obvious. I keep my head down and slink my way to the back corner where a thankfully empty desk awaited me. I can feel Mr. Crane’s eyes following me, burning a hole into my back. He waits until I’m seated and facing him before he deliberately walks over to his desk and makes an emphatic and unmistakable mark in his attendance book. I’m always either crazy early or a shade late — whatever keeps me out of the hallways during passing time.

Some days, when the halls are packed, I can slip through, unnoticed, like steam.
Other days, I’m a fly that gets swatted away. But then there are the days when I’m ground that gets trampled.

It’s not physical.

I’m not slapped around or shoved into lockers. It’s a kind of a spiritual pounding, I guess. Jenny Lott, semi-popular and looking for a promotion, will stop me in the hall in earshot of Mary Taylor and some other senior girls and will ask me what
brand of dish soap I use to condition my hair, or which Goodwill has the best used jeans. I never have anything to say. I just keep my head down and find the nearest bathroom because I don’t let them see me cry.

What I Write

While I enjoy writing in multiple genres, my main focus over the past few years has been horror. I have mostly been writing screenplays this past year and I am hoping to dive back into fiction this summer.

My Write-a-thon Goals

Writing Goals

My primary goal is to FINALLY finish the first draft of The Strange Days of Good Gracie Knight, a supernatural young adult novel.