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I’m new to writing! Just homing in on a year at it. I’ve recently completed my first set of five short stories, and have completed most of the research and outline for my first novel. Everything is new, and exciting, and frustrating, and wow is this fun.

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A group of common house cats are called a clowder, but Opal could not recall a single descriptive trait of the common house cat. Hurtling through the inky black of deep space at near light speed, she could only conclude that something had happened, and that it was objectively bad for the mission.

Thankfully, the fusion drive was intact, and its control systems were largely autonomous. She reviewed the log of recent events and was unable to identify anything that could have caused her sudden inability to answer even basic questions. She decided to start with a review of a schematic of the ship. She brought it up, zoomed out, and started with a review of the core components. Valios class scout ship. Half kilometer fusion reactor mass and drive. Two, five hundred meter crew quarters laid out in parallel rings capable of spinning fast enough to produce one G of gravity. Central ship shaft containing control, cryonic storage and crew quarters, sensory arrays, light weapon batteries, and storage anchoring the whole thing. In profile, the ship looked like an arrow with a pair of necklaces at one end. She was painted jet black and she was nearly a thousand years old.

What I Write

I write science fiction. All the sciences are interesting, but exploring the confluence of philosophy, morality, and technology are especially enticing. I like institutional antagonists, and flawed heroes.


None yet. But, first things first.

My Write-a-thon Goals

Writing Goals

My goals are to:

  1. Complete part one of my novel in development. About twelve chapters, plus a prologue. All told, around 26K words.
  2. Make some writer friends, and find that one person who is willing to read all my alpha draft stuff and give me good critical feedback.
  3. Learn some stuff about writing, especially about revisioning and character development.
Fundraising Goals

Clarion West is an awesome resource for the PNW writing community. Let’s make some money to help them keep putting on all the great workshops they produce.