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Blythe Woolston


My Progress

At this point, I have no irons in the fire in terms of publication: 1910 and Hacking Texanna failed catastrophically; I had a complete breakdown on the way to the picture book.



About Me

Writing Sample

Every well-ordered girl and boy
turning their eyes to telescopes in Texas
or standing by telephones
to relay the observations
that would reveal how it was done:



What I Write

desperately incoherent on a good day (remains true, 2017)


Twitter Handle


MARTians (October 13, 2015, Candlewick)
Black Helicopters (2013, Candlewick)
Catch & Release (2012, Carolrhoda Lab)
The Freak Observer (2010, Carolrhoda Lab)

“The Second” in VIOLENT ENDS (2015, Simon Pulse)

Write-a-thon Goals

Writing Goals

I discover I do have a goal. I hope to finish “Nancy & Gloria: A Honkytonk Horror Poem” by July 22. I want to tell you it’s “Teen Angel Heart” but it’s really a bang-clanging, hyper-elided, tangle of line breaks and punctuation.


Fundraising Goals

I hope to support others.