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“My swollen heels already throbbed when my T-shirt flickered, erasing its frenetic neon Shinjuku-shopping-district-meets-Vegas-casino scheme. It reverted to the agency’s monotone corporate logo. I tapped the diagnostics seam and got ‘SEARCHING FOR CONNECTION.’

My shirt fell blank, as gray as an empty slate. Not even a ‘YOUR AD HERE.’
…..Of course this was Monday.”

“Strategies for Optimizing Your Mobile Advertising,” Analog, June 2015 (1000th issue)

What I Write

My writing trends toward considering the future: emerging technologies, augmented reality, communication, privacy, and how work will change as a result of these.


My fiction has appeared in Analog, Daily Science Fiction, and ChiZine.

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Submit 1 story a week.


Fundraising Goals

As a Clarion West ’12 graduate, I gratefully accept donations of any amount to support Clarion West, a wonderful organization dedicated to helping writers.

If you donate $25 or more, I will Tuckerize you (or YOUR PET*) into a manuscript and will endeavor to let you know when this story is published (the wheels of publication grind slowly).

*  YOUR PET will never encounter an unhappy situation in my writing.

I may be offering some additional incentives.