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This year, I have publications under my belt.

But we’ve lost Vonda McIntyre, who never got to see my success, even though she was among my most eager supporters over the years. So this year, I’m raising funds in her memory. I’m going to need new sponsors.

UPDATE: Completed one story and submitted it. Working on the second unfinished story. Hopefully, this will result in several stories out in the pipeline. Thanks for all the sponsors so far.

What I Write

Writing Sample

By 1896, the West was a more settled place than the wild and open frontier most folks like to read about. There were trains. There were telegraphs. Technology had come. It had been fourteen years since the Exclusion Act. Chinese had been forbidden to enter the country. But here the tale must take a turn as it does, and I must speak to someone about this near needless exposition.

What the heck, writer! Get to the point!

Oh yes, much better. Here we go.

—Armageddon and the Way Out West, Broadswords and Blasters #10, July 2019

What I Write

I write weirdness. Alchemically-summoned Paracelsian gnomes? Check. Voodoo Loa Vintage Hearses? Check. Nikola Tesla and Mark Twain touring the US in a Steampunk alternate past where Marie Leveau is the newly-elected mayor of New Orleans, and multiple zombie Abe Lincolns walk the streets of the French Quarter Chinatown? Check. Hypersentient capuchin monkeys who speak Portuguese? DAMN STRAIGHT THAT’S A CHECK. Time-traveling KKK vampires? Author-approved cameo by Harry Turtledove? Yup. Check.

Oh, and did I mention, this is not only silly but reasonably hard SF, with only one central “thing” not supported by physics?


ARMAGEDDON AND THE WAY OUT WEST, Broadswords and Blasters #10, July 2019

SPACE OPERA LIBRETTI (Anthology)  Editor, w/ Jennnifer Lee Rossman, Fall 2019


My Write-a-thon Goals

Writing Goals

This year’s goals: SHORT STORIES. Written, polished, submitted. The first story is done! Submission is off to Diabolical Plots. 2850 words.

Fundraising Goals

RAISE ALL THE FUNDS. Get a bunch of backers to replace Vonda McIntyre who was my main supporter here for past Write-a-Thons. I’m raising funds in Vonda’s name this year.