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  1. Titanborn (Novel): Published!
  2. Telonym (Short Story): Draft 3 – Pre-Beta Reader
  3. The Perception of Black Men in Television (Article): Structure-Building

What I Write

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Matyom and Case trudged across Titan’s frozen dunes. Headlamps framed their vision, pushing back the total darkness of almost eight Earth days’ worth of night. Golden fog hung lazily, tinting everything they saw. Matyom had been told once, by his cosmonaut guardian Robert, that Titan smelled like a popsicle of fish, asphalt, and oil. To Matyom, it had always smelled of the warm plastic on the inside of his howlsuit helmet. He liked that smell: it meant he was exploring.

What I Write

I write science-fiction, horror, romance, non-fiction, a lot of things! I love to explore the boundaries of what’s possible, whether that’s a new technology, a different societal structure, or gender/sexual roles, often with monsters or aliens! I often struggle to have confidence in my work and I hope writing with you all will help me build up that self-esteem, and help others do the same. 🙂


Titanborn is Out on Amazon:

My Write-a-thon Goals

Writing Goals

I want to finish two short stories and one non-fiction article during this write-a-thon. Developing a habit of >500 words a day would be great as well!

I’d also like to form some strong relationships with other writers and build a support group to help all of us meet our publishing goals.

Bonus if you all inspire me to submit the stories to magazines and/or send off some query letters to literary agents. XD

Fundraising Goals

Minimum Goals: $500

Stretch Goals: TBA!