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Well, just jumping in to this today. The thing is I will do anything to motivate myself creatively, so I plunged right in to the commitment of the write-a-thon without thought as to what I would work on.

Here’s another thing, I am currently editing an anthology of short fiction. And here’s an other another thing, I am also writing at least 750 words a day on my novel. I didn’t want my goal to be either of those things, to be anything I would already be working on. So, I’m going to do something I’ve wanted to do that has never taken priority which is to finish/ re-write a handful of my abandoned or forgotten short stories. My goal isn’t to complete them but to immerse myself in them, expand them, get their blood moving, rearrange their organs, whatever, bring life and magic to them, and at least have each of them reach an ending.

The other goal is to update here every day.

My goal for today was to log on and come up with a goal. So yay me!

The goal for tomorrow: finishing setting up on here.

My Write-a-thon Goals

Writing Goals

Open the vault of Hopeless stories, the abandoned, the unfinished, the undernourished, the under imagined, and feed them time, light, and the left over dreams still lingering in my 6 a.m. brain tendrils…that is, to go back and complete drafts/ re-wrties of the short stories: Marzipan, Evergreen, The Last of Kind, The Fox and the Fugitive. The goal isn’t completion of each story, but going in and bringing them back to life, making them bigger, brighter, weirder, darker, etc.