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Bea and I landed with a thump on the floor of the kitchen at As Big As Our Pants Software Inc.
Bea whooped as she got up! She was on the floor close to the boardroom. She ran to the windows and gazed at the North Shore mountains and the houses and high rises. She was delighted.
“This is so exciting! Where are we?”
She ran to another window in the boardroom.
“What strange buildings! Look, is that the ocean? Cooper? Cooper?”
I was leaning up against the coffee machine, almost nauseous with the dimensional shift. It appeared that I was standing just where I was when I left. Of course, at that time, hI was not wearing a mended maroon wizard’s robe looking like a bedraggled hari krishna monk.  I did have my Nike kicks still though, so I felt grounded. I stepped around to where Bea was.
It was late afternoon but no one was in the building. The lights on Grouse were just turning on. A gorgeous sunset was changing the light on the mountains.
“Cooper? How exciting this all is!” Bea was now yelling and running around the cubicles, looking at everything. “It’s full of machines!”
I slowly followed her. I sped up when I realized she was staring into the xerox machine as she hit the big red Copy button. I pulled her back from it just as the flash went.
“That’s a photocopier! You’ll blind yourself!” I let her go.
But it looks like a magic mirror!” Bea said with a little pout. ” I always wanted one of those. You know, this is fun! Where are the people?”
I suddenly realized I was home- really truly back at ABAOP software. I fell to the nasty grey scratchy carpet and kissed the floor.
“Cooper! What are you doing? That does not look sanitary! Mother would not approve, Cooper.”
“I’m home, Bea.” I was pleased, “This is my office, this is where I live- well, not here, but on this world, with Yvonne, my girlfriend.”
“How incredible, let’s go see her right away! Do you live in one of the tall castles? What a lucky girl she is to live here! Is she a wizard, too?”
I kind of smiled and shook his head. Then I looked at Bea anticipating Yvonne’s jealous eyes.
Bea was a gorgeous young woman in a nightie – an admittedly not too revealing Victorian-looking one, but still definitely bedroom attire,  with lace dressing gown and high heeled slippers of cloth of gold . She was disheveled and had the charm of a puppy or kitten. Yvonne would hate her and be very very jealous.
“Hmmm, definitely, but I think I’ll call her first. Also, we need to get to a store and find you’d some respectable clothes. I wonder if?” I reached into the robe’s copious pockets, my wallet was still there! We could survive on the Black Mastercard for a while, until I got back to the condo& got to his bank.
“Sure, I am very good at shopping. My mother and my sister and I -” she stopped, suddenly sad. “I wonder if we can go home? My mother will be going totally mad. Someone will be put into a dungeon or worse! I really really need to get back there- what if it’s Fred?” She sobbed.
“Who is Fred?” I asked
“Tall handsome bachelor farmer- with a manor house. The one you were fighting with!”
“Oh, sorry. He was lying- you and I are- well, we’re not- you know-”
Bea brightened up. “Yes, I know. Now, let’s see if we can go home! Magic us back!”
“What me? I didn’t do this.” I said, “What about you? All that new power. Do you know how we got here?”
“Obviously, your magic, dear wizard. Do it now, please. I want to go to lunch in the Castle— before Daddy gets there. He doesn’t like us to eat in public, says it’s common. And I must see Fred again!” Bea was firm.
I groaned.
“Not possible, Bea. I cannot do any magic, seriously, Bea, I just learned how to get rid of a silence spell and a few other things, but I did nothing. I was panicking, which was bad, I couldn’t have done this. I need to rhyme to do a spell. You must have done it. You got all that magic. Use it!”
“Nonsense, all magic on Azurite has some method to it- that is someone must do something to cause it to happen. I have these new powers but no one as yet has taught me the way to work mine. I was wishing, I mean I felt like I wanted to escape, but I don’t think I could have done it. I didn’t try to do anything!”
So, I walked to his desk. Someone else had colonized it. His password didn’t work either- he tried to logon  to send emails and see what day it was.
I couldn’t.
I looked at the calendar on the wall- it had release dates on it.
They were already 6 weeks beyond the day he left!  How could that be?  I’d only been a few days in Azurite.
“Bea, he said, do you know anything about moving from one world to another?”
“The wizards are said to be able to move from world to world, but not us normal people. That dragon barrister is said to travel on e-magma but humans aren’t as hardy. Daddy says they’re lying anyway- you know he’s a big supporter of the Aristocrat Party, don’t you?”
“Your father sounds like a massive idiot,” I answered.
“Daddy’s very powerful, Cooper. I wouldn’t say things like that- well if I were a mere wizard in training like you.”

What I Write

Cat Girczyc is a professional television writer with 15 produced TV scripts. A two time Aurora winner, she hosted an SF radio show, and edited fanzines. In her TV career, she’s written dark fantasy, anime, docudrama, legal drama, science fiction, and children’s television. Many of her poems and short stories have been published in SF and mainstream publications. She occasionally teaches screenwriting for television at Vancouver Community College and Kwantlen University.


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See website for TV show credits.
Published poems & SF short stories in various magazines.

Write-a-thon Goals

Writing Goals

Really thankful to last year’s Write-a-thon for getting me further on novel and other projects!
My goal for this year is to write daily on the novel project and FINALLY FINISH it!

I have a massively busy life – am currently making my living with a busy corporate job, technical writing.  Plus teaching both technical and script writing for colleges.  Am still hoping to get the fantasy novel done and out the door!

Fundraising Goals

Hope to help the Clarion West organization with donations from my friends and contacts!