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My Progress

The novel that I’ve been writing is now at 89000 words. I need to get to the end and then redraft. I’m hoping that the focus of ClarionWest’s writeathon will help me with my final sprint to THE END (the first time). Then I’ll be able to work on the 2nd draft. Oh and start another novel, too ūüôā

About Me

Writing Sample

Angela walked past, talking to someone on her cell.”I’m seeing patterns but my stats for ABAOP earnings suddenly make no sense. How could we just go to zero? Nothing has happened!”
Cooper and Malcolm looked at each other. Stuff had happened. There are two worlds, evil wizards, portals and Snakes. More than a little weird.
Cooper ventured, “What if I try to run a little piece of magic, like a recursive code checker on the place? See if it really is magic-enfused now?”
“Sounds childish but on Azurite they use rhymes and not everyone’s magic works. Kastar picked me out as a wizard and my rhymes do work.”
Malcolm nodded. “Try it.”
“I’ll do something small, like an increase in temperature.”
“Magic office do my wish for me / make it hot like a beach in Waikiki. ”
He said it once, nothing happened.
He said it twice and Snake appeared beside them, “You must not–”
A huge furrowing wind and an unhealthy amount of driving hot rain descended on them.
Malcolm grabbed his jacket and dropped it over his dev machine.
Cooper madly tried to think of a rhyme…
“Rain rain something something-dammit–”
He couldn’t think.
Angela yelled out, “I’m soaked! We’re like drowning cats here! What the absolute hell?”
“STOP,” Snake¬† called out as he was uncomfortably thrashed by gale force winds. His magic didn’t need rhymes.
The storm abated.
Malcolm opened his phone and checked the weather.
“Hawaii experiencing near hurricane today”was on the weather crawl.
“Next time check the local weather in the place you conjure.” Malcolm said.
“But don’t you see? Yes, it is actual magic, nearly all of it. It probably leaked into me, us and this office –that’ll be why Kastar picked me up.”
Malcolm nodded.
Cooper went on, “No wonder I cottoned onto the magic as code and code as magic so quickly. Its what ABAOP is and was! The coffee maker is at the centre of it, with that creature there.”
The Snake snapped his tail at Cooper.

Bobby walked by, yelling for Angela. “What the crap? Get building maintenance on the phone, ASAP– we have computers here – I can’t afford a work stoppage at this point in time!”
Not wanting to be rude to what may turn out to be his new master, Snake began overlaying a spell to convince the others on the floor that it was a-ok.
Their brains told them: “This was a normal disfunction of the sprinkler system.”

Cooper looked at Snake who was waving and chanting slightly.
The magic overlaying everything suddenly changed slightly and the dampness disappeared. For the first time, Cooper felt magic on Earth, as if a new sensory app had been downloaded into his brain. It was like a new nose or ears but all about magic. It was like music, or a smell. He could tell the Snake’s magic from his own, and there was a thrum or a perfume of underlying magic too, which got stronger at the coffee machine. He wondered if he’d feel it from Bea or if it was just here?
He looked at Malcolm, who was fiddling with buttons on his machine again.
“It’s really high, Cooper,” Malcolm said. “Like off the charts, magic.”
“I know, I can feel it, Malcolm.” Malcolm looked astounded.
“I don’t.”

Angela rounded the corner into the kitchen complaining as she walked.
“Cooper, the Russians left last week all together for some API startup.
Chris the lead of leads says we all have to go.”
“How could it get so bad so quickly?”
“I dunno but Bobby’s cutting back like crazy and he’s given us 3 months warning.
Something about money drying up and his system not working. Oh and Bobby wants to see Malcolm, who slept here last night btw. Tell him to wash his face and use some mouthwash and get into Bobby’s office right away!”

What I Write

Cat Girczyc is a professional television writer with 15 produced TV scripts. Since a downturn in the local film industry turned this single mom into a full-time technical writer, she’s pursued prose and poetry.¬† In 2016, “Polar Borealis Magazine” published they story ‚ÄúThe Cup‚ÄĚ. In 2017, 2 poems appeared in ‚ÄúTesseracts 20: Compostela‚ÄĚ and in Nov 2017, the story¬† ‚ÄúNight Market‚ÄĚ is in the ‚ÄúVancouver Sci-Fi Anthology‚ÄĚ. In 2018 one poem has appeared in Polar Borealis. She has a pending 2018 publication at NeoOpsis SF Magazine as well.


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See website for TV show credits.
Published poems & SF short stories in various magazines.

Write-a-thon Goals

Writing Goals

I’m at 89000 words of a first draft. Looks like it will be a 100k first draft. My goal for this year is to write daily on the novel project and FINISH¬† draft 1! Update June 26th: I’m at 92000 words! So up 3k so far! Only 7000 words to hit 100,000!

I have a massively busy life Рam currently making my living with a busy corporate job, technical writing plus child-raising and sometimes teaching!  Am still hoping to get the  novel done and out the door!

Fundraising Goals

Hope to help the Clarion West organization with donations from my friends and contacts!