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So far I have completed chapter 8 of my story and am working on chapter 9.

7/10 – I have completed chapter 9 and 10 and I’m working on chapter 11.

8/15 – I have completed chapter 11 and I’m working on chapter 12. I’ve reached my goal!

What I Write

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A sample from chapter 1 of my current book:
A soft creaking sound sang through the air. Asatira and Sy turned to see an old man standing at the top of the stairs. The old man stood straight, almost like a regal soldier, but still stood only a few inches taller than Asatira, and was only slightly less scrawny than a skeleton- far from how any soldier should look. His light gray disheveled hair stood out in all directions, contrasting with his short, well kempt beard.
Peering around the corner of the bookshelf, he asked in a rich, but croaky voice, “Finally back, Asatira? You’re adventures are taking longer and longer these days. Either you simply don’t like it here anymore, or you’re losing your knack in finding those books.”
“Gramps!” Asatira exclaimed excitedly, bounding over to the base of the stairs so she could look up at him clearly. “Since you weren’t sitting at your usual desk, I had assumed you’d gone out.”

“Ah, I was taking a nap. That is, I was until I heard this loud angry voice.” Gramps shot an accusing smile over at the little fairy who blushed in embarrassment and argued, “You try being stuffed in a cage in a bag that’s being carried by a girl who’s running and jumping down a steep hill for no reason!” Then she mumbled, “I’ll probably have bruises tomorrow.”

What I Write

Most of what I write is fantasy, though I do enjoy dabbling in a bit of comedy romance now and then. Right now I’m working on an epic fantasy set in the world of Anaseena. The story follows a librarian girl called Asatira who loves to go adventuring to find old books to add to her collection. Gramps, an elderly man, watches the library while she’s away, while Sy, a little fairy friend travels with her to “help”, though she usually just sleeps or complains. The story begins when Asatira has just returned from an adventure, only to find a letter from the queen requesting her assistance to possibly save the fate of the world.

My Write-a-thon Goals

Writing Goals

I hope to write the next three chapters (about 18-24 pages) of the book I am currently working on.