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What I Write

I tend to write fantasy and magical realism set in Nigeria or Nigeria-like worlds. I like exploring people: their identities and their relationships to each other as well as to the social systems that define them. I love food clothes and architecture so you’ll probably find a little of all three tucked in my work.

So far, I’ve been writing short stories, but I would like to explore longer work like novellas, novellettes and novels. Mostly, I just want to tell the weird stories that exist in my head and hope that someone out there likes them.

That is all.


May 2015
“The Unbearable Solitude Of Being An African Fan Girl” Speculative Fiction 2014

Oct. 2014
“The Evidence of Things Unseen”
Brittle Paper: An African Literary Experience

Sept. 2014
“Tasting Gomoa”
Ideomancer Magazine

April 2014
Writivism 2014

Jan. 2013
“Bigger Than the Sky”
The Kalahari Review

June 2010
Saraba Magazine