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Starting–and finishing–a new flash story for a contest today. Wish me well!

(update: finished! 1000 words)


I failed to finish my week’s story, tentatively titled “My Magic.” I wrote about 5000 words on the story but realized it was not going to be a short story at all; it needs to be a novel or a long novella. I have set it aside for now so I can continue with the story-a-week plan.


I finished a horror story, 2250 words, “She Ain’t Stopping.”


I finished the science fiction story “A Private Park,” 4750 words (a little behind schedule with this one) and wrote about 1500 words toward a new horror story.


Halfway through drafting my second story of the challenge, tentatively titled “A Private Park.”


I finished a first draft of “Fables of the Future,” 4750 words.

6/24/2020 update

I have written 3000 words. I’m approximately halfway through the first draft of a new story tentatively titled “Fables of the Future.”

What I Write

What I Write

Horror, science fiction, and sometimes other things too!


Recent Publications:

“Cocooning” in Three-Lobed Burning Eye

((Available online)

“At first it’s just a shifting, shimmering movement too small to notice. My face—I know I’m holding it still—but it’s moving slightly, crawling around the jaw.”


“Resilience” in PseudoPod

(Available online in text and audio)

Narrated beautifully by Dani Daly and hosted by Kat Day, May 2020. Um, don’t eat lunch while you listen to this one.

I was honored to see this story listed on the Strange Horizons Short Fiction Round Up from Maria Haskins.


“A Children’s Treasury of Windows and Doors” in Hermine

My novelette “A Children’s Treasury of Windows and Doors” appears in the debut issue of S. Kennedy Sobol’s new journal alongside stories by Alison Stine, Chris Kuriata, Mehdi M. Kashani, Wendy Nikel, and Lituo Huang. Gorgeous cover art by Stephanie Singleton. June 2020.


“Substance” in Fusion Fragment

My first novelette, “Substance,” appears in Issue #1 of Fusion Fragment, a newly revived pay-what-you-like magazine. If you pay $5, you’re entered into a drawing to win books suggested by this issue’s authors. I liked the story description from their main page: “ ‘Substance’ by Christi Nogle: really big worms / royalty / classic literature.” May 2020.


“Smaller Still Than Me” in The Arcanist

(Available online in text and audio)

My third story in The Arcanist–a great online flash magazine you can get via email if you subscribe. This one is also read very nicely for the Tales From The Arcanist podcast episode 44. April 2020.


“Watershakers” in Pulp Literature

This short story appeared in April 2020. I read a portion of it at the Pulp Literature Book Launch (48 minutes into the recording).


“Unschooled” in Underland Press’s XVIII (Eighteen): Stories of Mischief & Mayhem

Available at Indiebound | Amazon | Barnes & Noble | iTunes | Kobo

The short story “Unschooled.” March 2020.

My Write-a-thon Goals

Writing Goals

My goal is to write a story a week! A secondary goal is for a word count of at least 1000 per day.