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From the first chapter of The Realm, or the Real, my current project:

From cornfields to corridors, America sparkled with anticipation. The droning of the ordinary dropped to a lower register of urgency: deadlines, troubles, plans, all put on mute. People who worried for a living found their audience inattentive. The scent of fresh beginnings was filling the air.

A new season of The Realm was starting.

That is, if its star, Kit Wells, could ever make it through traffic to the studio.

She drummed impatiently on the steering wheel of her Jeep Wrangler. She could see the obstruction now, construction for the new pipeline to bring Canadian water to Los Angeles. A bus pulled even with her in the left lane, its side lurid with an ad for the show. It was the one that showed her—a tall, awkward figure with unkempt black hair, standing on a rocky coastline, looking stormy and troubled, with the tagline, “When I howl, America howls.” It wasn’t the only ad in the campaign; the other characters had their themes—obsession, resolution, scheming, ambition—but Kit had alienation sewed up.

What I Write

In past, I have written everything from far-future space exploration to stories of gender and oppression. My most recent novel was Dark Orbit, about the exploration of both inner and outer space. I am currently working on a new book with the working title The Realm, or the Real. It is a near-future story about a form of entertainment called Shared Reality, which makes it possible for viewers to experience the perceptions and emotions of actors playing parts in a fantasy show about dynastic politics and magical warfare. As the show starts to mirror reality in unsettling ways, the actors have to face a question: is the fantasy a problem or a solution? And do they have the power to make it either one?


Look for my novella “Exile’s End” at in August!


Dark Orbit (novel), Tor, 2015

The Ice Owl (novella), Arc Manor Publishers, 2012 

Ison of the Isles (novel), CZP Publications, 2012

Isles of the Forsaken (novel), CZP Publications, 2011

Arkfall (novella) Phoenix Pick, Arc Manor Publishers, 2010 

Aliens of the Heart (story collection), Aqueduct Press, 2007

Candle in a Bottle (novella), Aqueduct Press, 2006

 Halfway Human (novel), Avon, 1998. Reprinted by Arc Manor, 2010 

My Write-a-thon Goals

Writing Goals

My goal is to finish Chapter 11 of my novel and make it at least halfway through Chapter 12.

Fundraising Goals

My goal is to make myself a pest to my friends and relatives, and ask them to sponsor me. Whether they do or not will depend on how much they want to see another book from me.