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Megan slipped out of her clothes and waded into the sea. The daylights had turned off, and the night breezes turned on. It was her favorite time for a swim. She loved the glow of the reflecting starlights, the way the water temperature almost matched the temperature of the air. After a long day working in the farms, it was refreshing. The surface of the water was almost flat. When she was little, her grandmother told her stories of the giant waves back on Earth, and the great oceans. This was not much more than a pond, her grandmother would often say. Megan had seen videos, of course. She always hoped that someday she would have a chance to see them in real life.
She swam over to the shore by the black walls and pulled herself on to a flat stone. Off to her right, she saw someone falling slowly downward in a gentle spiral, almost floating in Egeria’s low gravity. She wondered who it was. Often, she was out here alone at night. She heard the splash, and then a few minutes later, the diver joined her on the rock.

What I Write

I write a mix of slipstream, contemporary fantasy, and science fiction, with the occasional mainstream story tossed in. I will admit to having written some high fantasy, too, but it’s rare these days. My fiction is often, but not always, satirical or humorous.


“The Many Ways the World Works,” Galaxy 1995
“The Milagroso Trail,” Realms of Fantasy, December 2008
“The Spacetime Subway Station,” Lore, April 2012

My Write-a-thon Goals

Writing Goals

An average of 500 words a day over the course of Write-a-Thon, which means a total of 20,500 words by the time it’s completed.

Progress Report – As of the evening of 7/5, I’ve written about 5,000 words and completed 2 new stories. So I’m a little behind the goal at this point, but I’ll work on catching up this week.

Fundraising Goals

This is my first time doing Write-a-Thon, so I’m not going to set a specific goal. Whatever gets contributed.