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“I’m driven by something more powerful than instinct.”

Surprised, perhaps amused, the ibis reared back. “And what is more powerful than that, insect?”

“A dream. A dream is more powerful.”

“Why don’t you tell me about your dream, and I’ll determine if I shall eat you or not.”

(From “Fables”, 2014)


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* “Out There It Will Be Different” Farspace 2, 2010
* “Rag-and-Bone Man” Kaleidotrope, 2011


* Local blogger, Worcester Telegram & Gazette, 2008
* Finalist in Mike Carey Writing Competition (RIP Murky Depths) 2010
* Various articles @ Comics For Heroes, 2013

* Blogger @ Ink’s My Thing, 2014 – present.

Write-a-thon Goals

Writing Goals

Begin writing Timeless Kid, for real this time; keep blogging at Ink’s My Thing; write those WYRM reviews.

Fundraising Goals

Any amount for a good cause.