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Makena always did her extracts in the morning, when a dusting of dreams still covered her thoughts. This made it easier. Since she lost her flat, her commute to work went from two hours to twenty steps: a cot in the corner of the larder. She no longer went to the clinic to prepare the extracts, but had used the last of her credits to purchase the unit that lived in the case underneath the cot next to a crate of moth-eaten jumpers. Each morning, she would pull out the case, press her thumb to the lock, and make a wish. Sometimes the wish was that the case wouldn’t open, an error in the authentication process, or a simple jam in the lock. Sometimes the wish was that the electronics of the device inside –which she knew almost nothing about — would overload and liquefy her brain.

– From “Leftovers”

What I Write

I write slipstream stories and interactive fiction, and I am a comrade of Writers’ Bloc, Edinburgh’s premier spoken-word performance group.


For a complete listing of my publications, please see my website.

My Write-a-thon Goals

Writing Goals

I have a few story drafts hanging about, shoulders hunched, trying to escape my notice. But I’m tired of pretending not to see them, so I’m going to use the Write-a-thon to see if they can be plumped up into something real.

Fundraising Goals

I want to raise as much money as I can for Clarion West! I am not terribly good at fundraising but I will try.