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He turned around, hanging by one hand to a rung, and saw the world spread before him. The mottled sky curved above and below, transfixed by the sun, a line of white fire too bright to look at directly. Sun and sky converged to a distant point made blurry by haze.

Jamal continued upwards, nearly weightless now, pushing off with his foot and drifting for long seconds, skipping several rungs at a time. The air was furnace hot and felt thick in his lungs. A low hum surrounded him, growing in intensity as he drifted upward. The space before and above him was filled with great blocky shapes, wheels and struts, moving slowly. The wind began to change, tearing at his body, trying to pluck him from the face of the wall.

He clung for a moment longer, then closed his eyes and let go. The wind took him, pulling him tumbling into the clockwork heart of the world.

What I Write

Daniel’s writing was described by Salon.com as “a cross between Raymond Carver and William Gibson.” He writes across the spectrum of fantastic literature — science fiction, fantasy, horror, and magic realism — and counts among his influences Lucius Shepard, Roger Zelazny, William Gibson, Elmore Leonard, Shirley Jackson, and Pat Cadigan


Novels: Burn Rate, A Crack in Everything
Collections: Binding Energy

Over thirty short stories in a wide range of genre and literary venues.

“Those Are Pearls That Were His Eyes,” Escape Pod, May 2014 (reprint)
“Albion Upon the Rock,” F&SF, March/April 2014
“After the Funeral,” F&SF, September/October 2013

My Write-a-thon Goals

Writing Goals

Daniel will write a short story a week for the duration of the Clarion West 2017 Workshop