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I wasn’t supposed to be a hero.

What I Write

I’m currently working on an epic fantasy series that’s the memoir of a dead man.

I’ve been writing since before I could confidently hold a pencil: past credits include two short story publications (below) and two filing-cabinet-drawer novels. My writing often focuses on characters’ identity and role conflicts: I like to tell big stories in complicated worlds. I’ve also got a PhD in sociology, so that filter certainly influences my worldbuilding and storytelling.


“Quarry.” 2008. In Don’t Turn the Lights On, ed. Diana Bocco, Stonegarden.net Publishing. ISBN
“A Fairy Tale.” June 2006. Wild Child Publishing (http://www.wildchildpublishing.com)

My Write-a-thon Goals

Writing Goals

Between June 21 and July 31, my writing goal will be to complete 3 chapters of my novel, writing in the area of 30,000 words.

Fundraising Goals

Like some other writers here, I can promise regular Twitter reports on my progress for the duration; you can also check out my blog at http://sociologistnovelist.wordpress.com. However, I’ve also got an extra incentive I can offer.

If you sponsor me, in addition to contributing to this great cause, you buy the rights to contact me with world-building questions. I’m a professional sociologist in the other half of my life, so I’d like to think I’ve got some pretty solid knowledge of how to find the holes in fictional societies.

For ideas on the kinds of stuff I can help with, check out my guest post on creating fantasy cultures for Dan Koboldt’s Fact in Fantasy writing series: http://dankoboldt.com/developing-fantasy-cultures/