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01/18/20 – Today we launched our Indiegogo campaign to raise money for publication of the novella and development of the software. I would love your donation, but make sure that you have already donated something on the Clarion West site first.


08/14/19 – I want to thank everyone for their support and contributions. I decided not to post any more Janus Perspective chapters to my Trade Win Multimedia site after this last one. The remaining chapters will appear in the book, which is very different from the interactive version and the film. Occasionally check my IMDb page for updates.


08/10/19 – The Kevin storyline is being heavily edited for independent publication. The other perspectives will only be available in the interactive version and the film.


08/06/19 – Our family dog died today after battling multiple, age-related complications for several months. She will definitely be missed. I had to take several extended breaks from writing while devoting attention to her, but I will continue to work towards my goal.


07/31/19 – I completed all remaining chapters of Kevin’s storyline. I will post after revisions and continuity corrections with the other 2 storylines.


07/06/19 – I finished rewriting chapter 7 of Kevin’s storyline and will post it this weekend, after a few more revisions.


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The Janus Perspective – Kevin: 2

They stay behind the tree for a long time watching and looking.  Kevin wonders if the things are going to switch to lurking at night instead of the day.  They are very difficult to see at night and are much darker than actual shadows.  No features can be seen anywhere and their darkness is so dark, it devours all light that comes near it.  It almost seems like it could siphon the soul of anyone who stands too close.


Kevin sees a second shadow coming from the location where he thought he saw something the night before.  Its elongated head is slightly higher than the edge of the roof.  Unusually long, thin arms protrude from a slender body much lower than where shoulders should be, except there are no shoulders.  At the end of the boney arms, where one would expect to see hands, twelve inch fingers sprout directly from its wrists.  Its legs bend at the knee as well as three other places, giving it almost a springy appearance as it walks.  Each step is accompanied by the faint sound of creaking wood.  I wonder how hard it would be to outrun something like that, Kevin ponders.  All of the others pretty much look like shadows of regular people, but this one looks like something otherworldly.  Kevin looks down at Jenn but instead of looking at the creature, she is intensely looking back at him.  For the first time in ages, he actually sees fear in her eyes.

Copyright 2018 Darrell Winfrey

What I Write

My interests are in fictional and true stories that are adapted into film. We sometimes hear that some stories can never be film adaptations. I believe that every story can become a film, but we just need to broaden the way that we tell them. We must keep in mind that every true story that inspires a film was once ‘acted’ out in real life before becoming text on a page.

I developed a very unique type of interactive story that could provide a means for some of those ‘untellable’ stories to be told on the big screen. This concept enables a reader or viewer to switch between multiple perspectives or storylines at will without being able to jump back within the time-line. The overall story will be different for each reader/viewer depending on the points at which they switch perspectives. The concept of protagonist and antagonist will vary with each story experience. We already know that everyone is the protagonist of his or her own story. I hope to be as entertained by an audience’s manipulation my work as they are by the work itself. I also prefer SCI-fi (strong on the sci) and horror genres.

My Write-a-thon Goals

Writing Goals

The Janus Perspective novella will be published by the time the write-a-thon starts in 2020. I will be developing a screenplay from the novella and the unpublished parts of the interactive story. This will be used for the live action storyboard and the movie.

Fundraising Goals

Let’s see if we can hit $2,999,999.