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08/05/20 – Book 4 has been officially released.
The Janus Perspective Book 4


06/22/20 – Book 4 is coming soon. The book series is available on Amazon.
The Janus Perspective


05/05/20 – It seems that I spent Cinco de Mayo publishing a little book.
The Janus Perspective – Book 3


04/01/20 – I decided to publish the novella as a serial instead of a single book.  The first book (Book 2) is now available for sale on Amazon.  The others will be published every 2-3 weeks as I complete the rewrites and continuity corrections.
The Janus Perspective – Book 2


01/18/20 – Today we launched our Indiegogo campaign to raise money for publication of the novella and development of the software. I would love your donation, but make sure that you have already donated something on the Clarion West site first.


What I Write

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The Janus Perspective – Kevin: Book 3

The thick drape of fog is much closer to him than before.  Had it moved, swallowing up his target?  He turns around and starts to move back toward the road.  Something faint appears in his periphery.  Shining the beam on it reveals a porcelain white shape sticking out from behind a tree to his left.  It seems that he veered off to the right of his original path.


A small part of him wishes that it really was gone, but there it is, as tangible as the ground beneath his feet. Kevin weaves through the trees toward the beacon, this time keeping the light and his eyes on it. He nearly falls as he maneuvers around the tree that obscures it.


When he trains the light on it again, what he sees drains the blood from his face.

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What I Write

My interests are in fictional and true stories that are adapted into film. We sometimes hear that some stories can never be film adaptations. I believe that every story can become a film, but we just need to broaden the way that we tell them. We must keep in mind that every true story that inspires a film was once ‘acted’ out in real life before becoming text on a page. I developed a very unique type of interactive story that could provide a means for some of those ‘untellable’ stories to be told on the big screen. The concept of protagonist and antagonist will vary with each story experience. We already know that everyone is the protagonist of his or her own story. I hope to be as entertained by an audience’s manipulation my work as they are by the work itself.


Check it out on Amazon:

The Janus Perspective

My Write-a-thon Goals

Writing Goals

The Janus Perspective is being published as a series of books. They will be combined as a single publication after completion of the final book. I will finish and publish at least two of the books during the write-a-thon.

Fundraising Goals

Let’s see if we can hit $20.20.