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I am close to the end of two of the parallel story-lines.  Tweaking them so that there is a consistent timeline and continuity has been quite challenging.  Doing this with two is difficult enough so I will have to settle with the completion of 2 by the end of the write-a-thon and then weave in the third story-line during the weeks that follow.


August 10, 2018

Due to nature of of this type of interactive story, I can only post portions of one of the storylines without revealing certain secrets and subplots.  This is a link to part of the story from the perspective of one of the main characters.

About Me

Writing Sample

Proof That Time Does not Exist


As a young child, Travis Klein was fascinated with the concept of time travel.  He read a few science fiction books, watched every episode of the original Dr. Who series, and even watched the film release of H.G. Wells’, The Time Machine.  As he got older, he grew more interested in the science part of science fiction.  It was mind-blowing that when he looked into the sky at a star or galaxy, he was seeing that heavenly body as it looked thousands or even millions of years ago.  In a way, he was a time traveler looking back in time at an era before humans existed.


His view of science changed profoundly when a friend introduced him to Einstein’s Theory of Relativity while he was just in middle school.  Although he didn’t possess enough knowledge about physics and math to comprehend everything, he found the whole concept enlightening and intriguing.  As he increased his knowledge of physics and advanced mathematics, he grew to understand more about how the universe works.  It inspired more in-depth thinking about time and how it related to 3-dimensional space.


One day he was thinking about stories and films about time travel and realized that traveling back in time without movement within the other dimensions could not produce the results depicted in most science fiction stories.  In other words, if someone stepped into a machine that only moved, or jumped, an occupant rapidly through time it would be extremely difficult for someone to end up in the exact location on earth, but at a different date and time.  What would actually happen is that the machine and traveler would end up in space quite far from earth because the machine would maintain its position while the earth would be in a different position due its rotation, orbit around the sun, motion around our galactic center, the motion of our galaxy, the motion of our galaxy cluster, and the expansion of the universe.  In order to remain on earth, the machine would have to predict the precise location of the earth at a particular time in history due to the aforementioned motions.  The slightest miscalculation would be catastrophic as well as very entertaining.


This, of course, was not a serious pursuit because Klein always regarded the idea of traveling back in time as complete fantasy.  But this did initiate critical thinking about our perception of time.  During his college years as an astrophysics major, he formulated a question that he hoped to answer one day.  Can time exist without motion and energy transfer in 3-dimensional space?


He later came up with a thought experiment.  He imagined that all physical motion within our entire universe suddenly stopped, even at the subatomic level.  Of course, he had to assume that this sudden deceleration to stasis didn’t obliterate everything in existence.  After an unknown time frame, everything instantly started back again.  The time period everything was paused might have been for a few seconds or a few million years.  He imagined that he was the only being in the universe that knew this happened.  How could he prove it happened?  How could he calculate the time period that everything was frozen?


What I Write

I’m developing a very unique type of interactive story.  This concept enables a reader or viewer to switch between multiple perspectives or storylines at will without being able to jump back within the timeline.  The overall story will be different for each reader/viewer depending on the points at which they switch perspectives.  The concept of protagonist and antagonist will vary with each story experience.  We already know that everyone is the protagonist of his or her own story.  I hope to be as entertained by an audience’s manipulation my work as they are by the work itself.  I also prefer SCI-fi (strong on the sci) and horror genres.


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Write-a-thon Goals

Writing Goals

I plan to finish an interactive horror short story that will later be produced as a short film.  It consists of 3 different perspectives that one could alternate between as the story progresses.  This requires the completion of 3 related stories that could stand alone if necessary.  After the workshop, I will derive a screenplay from it and begin pre-production on the interactive film version.


One of my long-term goals is to find a happy medium between writing with the speed of Stephen King and the quality of George R. R. Martin.  I’ll probably be close to their age by the time that happens.

Fundraising Goals

I honestly know very little about the Clarion West Workshop.  I found out about it after a friend forwarded me a link to a worldbuilding scholarship George Martin was sponsoring.  I think I had already seen it on his LiveJournal site but didn’t act on it.  I typically like to get better acquainted with organizations before I donate money or request funds from others.  Anyone is free to sponsor me if they choose to do so.  I just won’t actively pursue the fundraising aspect this go-round.  What little free time I have is spent raising my kids, so I barely have time to devote to writing.