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My Progress

Right now I am at 46,000 words with my novel-in-progress, Infinity.

[Update: June 6, 2017 – I am now at 56,000 words, and nearly finished the first draft!]

About Me

Writing Sample

Melissa stood behind the podium, addressing the crowd in Los Angeles. She knew her husband was in the audience with their baby daughter, but couldn’t see anything besides the blinding lights and her notes.

“It’s a bit strange, isn’t it, that I’m up here with a physicist and a neurobiologist? And it was very kind of you all to include me in this honor, as the hard scientific work was done mostly by others- I simply provided inspiration. I can’t even claim that the inspiration was a result of effort on my part, because it simply… appeared. I had a dream, a series of recurring dreams, actually- about my being at the end of a tunnel in spacetime, and someone else was on the other end. He could see and hear me, but I could not see him. Information went through the tunnel in one direction- mostly. Why did any information get back to me? How did my brain pick it up? I had other dreams where the events could only be explained by movement of information or even objects through time, and I wondered- could movement of information be accomplished via wormholes in spacetime? Was I also witnessing the effects of neurological quantum entanglement?”

What I Write

This is an excerpt from my novel-in-progress, Infinity



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Infinity is a science fiction novel featuring an unlikely romance, quantum entanglement, wormholes, an assassination plot, and bizarre floral displays.

Please refer to http://www.madgirlscientist for a full list of publications, works in progress, and descriptions of my work.

Write-a-thon Goals

Writing Goals

I am hoping to finish my novel-in-progress, Infinity, this year.

Fundraising Goals

I don’t know if I will ever attend a workshop, but I am happy to raise funds for others to do so.