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Write-a-thon Goals

Writing Goals

So, in the last 18 months, I’ve written and published a novella (Passing Strange, Tor.com), edited and written new prose for a short story collection, published last month (Wicked Wonders, Tachyon), written and revised a new novel (Out of Left Field, coming from Viking in 2018), and co-written a long essay for a new edition of Wakulla Springs, my WFA-winning novella with Andy Duncan (PS Publishing, later this year).




My goal for July is to relax a bit, binge-watch some TV, take long walks, and recharge my creative batteries.


Being a writer isn’t always about word count and deadlines. Sometimes it’s about taking the time to follow your curiosity, develop new ideas, scribble, draw, doodle, and daydream, without any goals or pressure.


If you’d like to support me in that, you have my deep appreciation. And you’ll be helping Clarion West keep its own resources flowing, encouraging new writers, keeping our genre diverse and dynamic.